My Favorite Place 

It’s one of my Favorite places in the world, I love getting tattoos, I’m filling my leg up fast and I love it.

Ever since I was a gothy 13 year old I’ve dreamt of being tattooed. I got my first the day I turned 18 and haven’t stopped since. Thousands of pounds down the line and I still can’t stop.

It’s expression to me, it shows who I am. It makes me more interesting and they are a conversation starter. They are beautiful and permanent. 

They are eclectic like myself. I have meaningful ones – ones I spent hours deciding what words I would have marked down. Others are there simply because I liked them. 

My leg has been a creative journey, me and my artist have spent over a year now. Designing and creating my hybrid animals. And I adore it.

It isn’t for everyone, and not everyone will like what I have. But to me they are an extension of myself both creatively and physically. I personally have only ever had positive experiences regarding them and I’m happy that the world is so much more accepting of them nowerdays.  

I cannot thank my tattooist Sofie for all the work and time she has put in. Another 4 hours worth added today! She is a true artist and is award winning for a reason. You’ve made my leg gorgeous and I can’t wait for more!

Do you guys have any tattoos? I’d love to see! 




Product Review: Lush Cosmetics Celestial Moisturiser


The search for my holy grail facial moisturiser has been a long and expensive one. I have used the super affordable and the damn right outrageous. 

My search was over a couple of years back when I found this one. At the time I was at my wits end with my skin, it was unruly and at the forefront of my self consciousness. Nowerdays I’m not so bothered about when I have bad skin days but this product has stuck with me through both.

I have sensitive skin, I get spotty easily If I change my skincare. One of the reasons why when I find something that works, I stick to it.

Celestial facial moisturiser is made for skin like mine, skin that’s sensitive and needs calming down.  With the main ingredients being vanilla and almond oil. I mean look at this ingredients list! Mostly all natural!

The product is light but moisturising. It absorbs easily and really helps makeup look smooth. It smells beautiful, a little like vanilla yoghurt and it feels wonderfully light and smooth when applying. A little really does go a long way. I would easily say that I must have religiously used this product now for at least three years twice daily.

The only downside to this product is the packaging. If not stored flat the product can bubble up onto the lid, it then gets caught in the screw lid. A small grumble but annoying. I would like to see this in packaging like most others – either with a pump or a pot that is tapered before the lid. 

I feel as though as long as Lush make this product it will be my one and only moisturiser. Celestial moisturiser. I love you! 

This product is priced at £12.95 and can be going instores or online here.

Have a lovely evening 



Peaceful Saturday 


How is your Saturday going so far?

 With today being so bright and sunny today we decided to take the dog to the water park for a good run. This gave us the chance to enjoy the warm outdoors and fresh air. We went first thing so it was nice and peaceful and we got to see the fishermen setting up place for the day. The dog got soaked we got muddy but it was a lovely start of the day.

When I got home I decided to put on very light makeup for the day as we also decided we would head out for lunch. This gave me the chance to try out The Body Shop’s new Lip & Cheek Tint  in the colour Pink Hibiscus. These are priced at £12 and I can honestly say that I will be purchasing a whole lot more of these! They have a load of colours and they were all gorgeous. When I buying I only chose one to see what I thought. They are natural but noticeable and it lasted hours. They take a bit better to lips than the cheeks however I think you could later to build colour. The picture below shows only one application. I applied with the doe foot aplicator to the centre of my lips and blended with my finger.  I’ve got my eyes on the peach shade and the red. Will be purchasing next week! 

 I haven’t posted a lot recently because well not much has happened, and I’m still waiting for my makeup to arrive from the US! Hopefully it will arrive Monday so I have something to talk about! 

In the mean time I’m also trialing The Body Shop’s Drops of Light Serum £25. Will update later on about what I think of it, too soon to tell yet! 

Off to chill now, tea and book in hand before date night tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



The place to go for Candy & Kawaii

My love of Japanese candy started early last year and. ever since I have been on the search for a website that sells unusual treats that you can’t get everywhere. 

To me the packaging is just so adorable and the flavours are, unique, sometimes crazy and delicious. It’s also great to take to parties, keeps everyone entertained! My friends always ask me to bring some.

 Whilst at MCM comic-con (me and my boyfriend go at least once a year)  I found the stand for Tofu Cute. 

Tofu Cute is a uk website that now has stores in convent garden and Portsmouth. It sells cute gifts and candy from Japan and East Asia.  Though I have a few of the amuse plushies from them, I mainly just buy the candy, of which they have huge variety and super cheap.

They are a wonderful website who are super helpful and quick at delivering. They currently have a free delivery when you spend £20 offer. You could get loads for £20!

Some of my favorites are the good old grape flavoured gummies – Japan love anything grape apparently and there ramune drinks. Ramune literally means soda and the peach one is to die for! The lychee is also really nice. And anything green tea macha, mmmm! 

Check out the website if your interested. Click here!

Happy snacking,



Several things I loved in April…

Think it’s time I did a little favourites post. This has a mix of things in some strange haha! Let’s get started.

In beauty I have been loving Lime Crime’s Venus + Venus 2 Pallettes  -£22.41 each These are truly amazing, the colours unusual yet beautiful and honestly pigmented isn’t isn’t the word for these Pallettes, the colour pay off is insane. Below I have taken a picture of the actual colours. Top pallete is the Venus pallete, bottom Venus 2. One is pink based the other much darker. They currently have a discounted prices bundle of both available on there website if your interested!  Despite the craziness they really are wearable. Think I shall do a look post with these! 

No filter needed!! 

I have also been loving these invisibobbles £3.75 A lot less damage on the hair than the standard bobbles. A simple idea but really effective. No more broken hairs! 

Moving on to random favorites:

First of all is a Netflix series called Good Morning Call. It’s a k-drama and its so addictive. It’s so over the top, like anime in real life. Nao one of our main characters is just so adorable. Its about two school pupils who accidentally rent the same apartment, love ensues haha! It’s in Korean and subtitled, just incase that puts you off but don’t let it! I’ve watched all the episodes in 2 days! 

My second Favorite random item is Konpetio. This is a Japanese sugar candy –  literally just sugar haha! They are super crunchy and totally delicious! They are what the spot sprites eat in spirited away – another selling point to me hehe! 

My final Favorite is probably the most weird, they are kinda creepy in a cute way haha! They are called Sonny Angels £6.50 and they are collectables blind boxed figures. They come in loads of different styles but my favorites are the animals, the fact you don’t know which one your getting makes them even more fun. My boyfriend brought me one first after seeing them and knowing me, after that I couldn’t stop collecting! 

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they are really adorable and reminiscent of the 50’s kitch Kewpie dolls. I love weird things like these haha! 

What are your favorites this month? Please link your posts! 

Enjoy the sunshine! 



From book mess to bookshelf…

Yesterday one of my two bookshelves finally gave in to the weight of my books and broke. Books poured everywhere and I was left with all this, all over the floor. I have been collecting books for so many years now and this pictured, is only half of it. Yesterday was spent resolving this nightmare .

I brought a brand new bookshelf and colour ordered all of them. Not all of them fitted onto the shelves so I need to buy another one when I make room, I like breaking up the books with stuff, I think it looks more interesting that way. 

This bookshelf is full of my favourites. The books that I’ve read over and over and loved, I eventually want to get all these books in hardback form. This is my mission.

I have quite a few books that I no longer read or look at and was wondering whether setting up a depop account would be good for selling these. I would quite like to donate most of the money made from them to charity, like 70% of proceeds. What do you guys think? 

Anyway here is a picture of after….

 Another short post today, it’s been a long day at work.
I hope you all had a lovely Sunday.



Red Lipstick – 6 you should know about!


I adore red lipstick. To me a red lipstick is the epitome of chic and always makes me feel super confident and will always lift my spirits a little. I have quite literally a draw full. But here are my  a few of my ultimates.
So lets get to it! ( spoke of in order of picture – left to right)

1. YSL Rouge Volupte Perle #111- Mysterious Red £26.00 

This dark vampy red is so glossy and smooth its gorgeous. this lipstick is luxury at its best, With a SPF 15 and a blend of caring and nourishing ingredients it glides on the lips like butter and would never dry your lips out.

2. MAC Viva La Glam I £15.50

Another vampy one but this time with a matte finish. To me this shade is so iconic. With red lipstick enthusiasts like Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani as its fans this is a lipstick that every red lover should have in there hands. the matte finish means it stays on forever although a good lipbalm is needed so not to feel the drying effects. with all the proceeds going to the MAC Aids Fund, it also does a fantastic good deed when you buy! Guilt free lipstick!

3.Clinique Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato £17.00
This is more of a tinty balm. Perfect for if your not brave enough to go out in a statement red or want a toned down red for everyday. I love this. I have also been known to use this on cheeks as an emergency blush! As you can see mine is well used!

4. MAC Russian Red £15.50
Another matte finish but this time a more blue based red. this is perfect for the snow whites like me out there! makes teeth look whiter lasts all day, what more could a girl want!

5.Dior Doirific #014 – Dolce Vita £27.50

 Dita Von Teese states this to be one of her favorites. Its the classic pin up red, a vibrant blue based lipstick it is super creamy with a satin finish and has the scent of violets! that’s enough for me to love it. It is pricey but the packaging sure looks beautiful on a dressing table. Reminiscent of the lipstick packaging of the past.

6. Revlon Colourburst #035 – Candy Apple £7.99

 This is very similar to the Clinique Chubby Stick mentioned earlier but at nearly £10 cheaper.The only difference being these are glossier as opposed to satiny. I love these little lip butters, super smooth! In fact the entire range is beautiful! (also check out colours Macaroon and Berry Smoothie!)

Heres the swatches (also as mentioned, left to right) , have a wonderful weekend!