Essential Oils & Anxiety

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I struggle really quite badly with anxiety, I’m honest about it –  it’s something that’s hard to hide. 

I have done since my early teenage years. The only difference is now I have ways I can manage it instead of letting it eat me alive. My anxiety is particularly bad is social situations, like when I meet new people, or have to travel on my own. I’m also a natural worrier and pessimist which also affects my anxiety. 

When I first went the doctors about my anxiety they wanted me to go on meds. This is absolutely something I didn’t want to do so I tried all the other alternatives. 

One of the first things I did was reduce caffeine intake. I learnt how to recognise when I was getting anxious and use calming methods to help such as deep breathing, note taking . Then essential oils, this is where Tisserand helped. 

I had previously heard of essential oils helping and so when I found British brand Tisserand I brought there trial set of 3. There oils are 100% pure and Organic. 

These are roller ball bottles and come in 3 different types: Sweet Dreams (a mainly lavender focused one) De-stress (Orange and geranium) and Energy ( a strong citrus scent). I found that the De-stress and Sweet Dreams were the best for me.

Whenever I feel anxious, wherever I am such as travelling.  I can simply put some of the oil on my wrists or temples- thanks to the roller ball! And focus on the soothing scents and my breathing. 

If you are a person who suffers with anxiety. It’s well worth a try. When you associate scents with keeping you calm you can change the way you view an atmosphere. Obviously there are days when this simply doesn’t work, when the anxiety is just too severe but for those little bouts it certainly helps me. 

The Tisserand Essential Survival kit is priced at £11.95 with individual roller ball vials priced at £5.95. 


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