Book Review: Dream House

When I heard that Marzia Bisognin – Aka youtuber Cutiepiemarzia was writing a book. I was skeptical, I like her often slightly odd videos, however, I’ve never read a youtubers book before and I’ve never really planned to. But I like spooky, I like paranormal and decided it was worth a go even if it is a young adult.

Dream House follows Amethyst a 19 year old, who upon seeing a house she loves soon finds herself on the doorstep, welcomed into the house and offered to stay the night. Transfixed by the house and elderly owners who have disappeared by the time Amethyst awakes, she feels unable to leave. That’s when the strange things start happening, noises are heard and unwelcome visitors appear… I won’t say more I don’t want to ruin it. 
The characters are charming which makes this easier to read. Perhaps more so than our main protagonist who is quite uncharasmatic at times. I feel she grows from meeting these people. 

It is a young adult thriller – take this into account, and is a nice short read and contains quite a lot of creepy goings on. It can at times be a little repetitive and you do at times feel Amethyst is lacking personality but the further you read the more you will understand. 

Marzia’s writing is nice and flowing, she obviously loves architecture as the way she goes into great detail regarding the house creates a beautiful visual image, her descriptions of the house are charming. 

As for thriller, it’s no Stephen King but I really did enjoy it. She did a really good job. I’d happily rate this book 4/5! 

Dream House can be found in all good bookshops and Amazon. It is currently available in English and Italian. 


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