The device that saved my skin- Clarisonic Mia 2 

The start of last year was when my skin looked the worst it ever had uneven, acne covered and I’ll textured. I felt the most uncomfortable with my skin, I had never felt so self consicious. It was then that I decided I was going to take action to visably improve my skin and I was prepared to pay to improve it. 

After watching and reading countless reviews I decided to just take the plunge and purchase a clarisonic. I chose the Mia 2 for its small compact size that makes it easy to travel with. I also chose it in my favourite color baby pink. The price of this device came in at £125, they do however they have newer designs on the market at various prices. 

Despite the initial cost I can honestly tell you it’s the best thing I have ever purchased for my skin. The Clarisonic Mia comes with 2 speed settings and a pulse motion to let you know when to swap area on your face (20 seconds nose and chin, 20 seconds forehead and 10 seconds on each cheek) this 1 minuet facial cleanser will change your life!

So I suppose I should get to how this changed my skin. The clarisonic states to clean 6 times better than just using your hands and improve texture, brightness and overall appearance of your skin. And it honestly does do just that from day 1 my skin looked visibly clearer. 1 week in noticeably less blackheads. Thats when things went bad. The second week in I went through the spot stage and my skin looked worse than before. This is because of the purging process. Dirt from lower skin layers is pushed to the surface though the deep cleansing process causing you to break out. However you must push through this awfulness and continue using! A month into use my skin had cleared and my skin was much brighter and little bumps and uneven texture cured. 

 A year down the line I use it less now. Due to the fact that I need it less and it being quite harsh on my sensitive skin. I used to use it once daily when my skin was at its worst, I now only really use it once or twice a week still religiously. The effects still as great! I can truly say that I am comfortable in my skin now. Something I could have never said before. 

The Clarisonic comes with a delicate brush head for all skin types. However you can purchase other heads such as a deep cleansing one or a brush for sensitive skin – They need to be changed roughly every 3 months. So if one feels to harsh or gentle for you try another style of head or use it slightly less. It is quite harsh especially if you have sensitive skin.

I use my Clairsonic whatever cleanser I am currently using however I make sure it is gel based and not cream. At the moment I am using it with the Simple Refresing Cleansing Wash. Super cheap and works with it great. 
If you are in a complete rut with your skin and can find nothing that works. I really would consider using a Clarisonic if you can afford it, it really does work. Drugstores now offer similar alternatives to the Clarisonic at much more affordable prices, however I cannot state if they work the same or not. 

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