Red Lipstick – 6 you should know about!


I adore red lipstick. To me a red lipstick is the epitome of chic and always makes me feel super confident and will always lift my spirits a little. I have quite literally a draw full. But here are my  a few of my ultimates.
So lets get to it! ( spoke of in order of picture – left to right)

1. YSL Rouge Volupte Perle #111- Mysterious Red £26.00 

This dark vampy red is so glossy and smooth its gorgeous. this lipstick is luxury at its best, With a SPF 15 and a blend of caring and nourishing ingredients it glides on the lips like butter and would never dry your lips out.

2. MAC Viva La Glam I £15.50

Another vampy one but this time with a matte finish. To me this shade is so iconic. With red lipstick enthusiasts like Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani as its fans this is a lipstick that every red lover should have in there hands. the matte finish means it stays on forever although a good lipbalm is needed so not to feel the drying effects. with all the proceeds going to the MAC Aids Fund, it also does a fantastic good deed when you buy! Guilt free lipstick!

3.Clinique Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato £17.00
This is more of a tinty balm. Perfect for if your not brave enough to go out in a statement red or want a toned down red for everyday. I love this. I have also been known to use this on cheeks as an emergency blush! As you can see mine is well used!

4. MAC Russian Red £15.50
Another matte finish but this time a more blue based red. this is perfect for the snow whites like me out there! makes teeth look whiter lasts all day, what more could a girl want!

5.Dior Doirific #014 – Dolce Vita £27.50

 Dita Von Teese states this to be one of her favorites. Its the classic pin up red, a vibrant blue based lipstick it is super creamy with a satin finish and has the scent of violets! that’s enough for me to love it. It is pricey but the packaging sure looks beautiful on a dressing table. Reminiscent of the lipstick packaging of the past.

6. Revlon Colourburst #035 – Candy Apple £7.99

 This is very similar to the Clinique Chubby Stick mentioned earlier but at nearly £10 cheaper.The only difference being these are glossier as opposed to satiny. I love these little lip butters, super smooth! In fact the entire range is beautiful! (also check out colours Macaroon and Berry Smoothie!)

Heres the swatches (also as mentioned, left to right) , have a wonderful weekend!






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