Several things I loved in April…

Think it’s time I did a little favourites post. This has a mix of things in some strange haha! Let’s get started.

In beauty I have been loving Lime Crime’s Venus + Venus 2 Pallettes  -£22.41 each These are truly amazing, the colours unusual yet beautiful and honestly pigmented isn’t isn’t the word for these Pallettes, the colour pay off is insane. Below I have taken a picture of the actual colours. Top pallete is the Venus pallete, bottom Venus 2. One is pink based the other much darker. They currently have a discounted prices bundle of both available on there website if your interested!  Despite the craziness they really are wearable. Think I shall do a look post with these! 

No filter needed!! 

I have also been loving these invisibobbles £3.75 A lot less damage on the hair than the standard bobbles. A simple idea but really effective. No more broken hairs! 

Moving on to random favorites:

First of all is a Netflix series called Good Morning Call. It’s a k-drama and its so addictive. It’s so over the top, like anime in real life. Nao one of our main characters is just so adorable. Its about two school pupils who accidentally rent the same apartment, love ensues haha! It’s in Korean and subtitled, just incase that puts you off but don’t let it! I’ve watched all the episodes in 2 days! 

My second Favorite random item is Konpetio. This is a Japanese sugar candy –  literally just sugar haha! They are super crunchy and totally delicious! They are what the spot sprites eat in spirited away – another selling point to me hehe! 

My final Favorite is probably the most weird, they are kinda creepy in a cute way haha! They are called Sonny Angels £6.50 and they are collectables blind boxed figures. They come in loads of different styles but my favorites are the animals, the fact you don’t know which one your getting makes them even more fun. My boyfriend brought me one first after seeing them and knowing me, after that I couldn’t stop collecting! 

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they are really adorable and reminiscent of the 50’s kitch Kewpie dolls. I love weird things like these haha! 

What are your favorites this month? Please link your posts! 

Enjoy the sunshine! 




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