The place to go for Candy & Kawaii

My love of Japanese candy started early last year and. ever since I have been on the search for a website that sells unusual treats that you can’t get everywhere. 

To me the packaging is just so adorable and the flavours are, unique, sometimes crazy and delicious. It’s also great to take to parties, keeps everyone entertained! My friends always ask me to bring some.

 Whilst at MCM comic-con (me and my boyfriend go at least once a year)  I found the stand for Tofu Cute. 

Tofu Cute is a uk website that now has stores in convent garden and Portsmouth. It sells cute gifts and candy from Japan and East Asia.  Though I have a few of the amuse plushies from them, I mainly just buy the candy, of which they have huge variety and super cheap.

They are a wonderful website who are super helpful and quick at delivering. They currently have a free delivery when you spend £20 offer. You could get loads for £20!

Some of my favorites are the good old grape flavoured gummies – Japan love anything grape apparently and there ramune drinks. Ramune literally means soda and the peach one is to die for! The lychee is also really nice. And anything green tea macha, mmmm! 

Check out the website if your interested. Click here!

Happy snacking,




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