My Favorite Place 

It’s one of my Favorite places in the world, I love getting tattoos, I’m filling my leg up fast and I love it.

Ever since I was a gothy 13 year old I’ve dreamt of being tattooed. I got my first the day I turned 18 and haven’t stopped since. Thousands of pounds down the line and I still can’t stop.

It’s expression to me, it shows who I am. It makes me more interesting and they are a conversation starter. They are beautiful and permanent. 

They are eclectic like myself. I have meaningful ones – ones I spent hours deciding what words I would have marked down. Others are there simply because I liked them. 

My leg has been a creative journey, me and my artist have spent over a year now. Designing and creating my hybrid animals. And I adore it.

It isn’t for everyone, and not everyone will like what I have. But to me they are an extension of myself both creatively and physically. I personally have only ever had positive experiences regarding them and I’m happy that the world is so much more accepting of them nowerdays.  

I cannot thank my tattooist Sofie for all the work and time she has put in. Another 4 hours worth added today! She is a true artist and is award winning for a reason. You’ve made my leg gorgeous and I can’t wait for more!

Do you guys have any tattoos? I’d love to see! 




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