Love these! – Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream

Just a little post today to sing these guys praises! I picked these up a week or so ago now and have been loving these little fellas! 

I was wandering around boots and picked these up for £4.49 each. Actually they were on promotion – buy one Barry M product get one half price – Bargin! Brought both.

My Favorite has to be number 2 -Iced Bronze pictured on the left. Although number 1 – Frosty Pink is also very pretty. They glide on nicely, I do blend them with my finger and they really do shine! I think they look especially gorgeous on the cuspids now and cheek bones but I also use them down the bridge of my nose. 

Really hope I start to feel well soon so I can do more looks and show my face! For the price of these I definitely reccomend you check them out. A cruelty free brand too! Perfect for travelling and I love them! Keep a look out for future vid! I have a lot of products making their way to me in the post! 




When things get bad – where I’ve been. 

Hi guys,

This is going to be a short post as I don’t wish to dwell on this too much and can’t wait to get back into regular posting.

Remember in my last post that I said I was feeling really unwell? I had been feeling that way for a good couple of weeks. On the Friday I was rushed to A&E with a heartbeat of 190 and severe sickness and stomach issues. I left hospital on Monday, 10 nights after my admission with the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. Something I will have for life and will ultimately make my life a struggle at times.

I was really ill and still am. I’m on a lot of medication and I have lost a lot of weight that I already didn’t need to loose making me severely underweight and weak. 

I just really wanted to make this post to raise awareness of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It is something a month ago I would have never even of believed I would have. I felt fine one day and terrible the next. It is something that is on the increase in younger age groups and I believe people need to be aware that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about visiting your doctor when you can’t stop going the toilet. If I had waited much longer things could have gotten a lot worse. 

Anyway I just wanted to say, I’m on the mend, I’m coming back and I’ve got a lot of beauty to catch up on!



Makeup Look: Orange Eyes – Velvet 59 Exotic Lotus Palette

A couple of days ago, when I wasn’t feeling so ill (I can’t shake this bug!) I decided to have a play with the Velvet 69 Exotic Lotus Palette. 

This is a super pigmented, unusually coloured palette that is both vegan and cruelty Free.  

Now onto the look. 

 After my base was done ( Nars Sheer Glow) I started with a light wash of “Cherry Blossom” all over the eye and under the brow bone. This is a super pale pink matte perfect for priming for colour.

Secondly taking a dense brush I packed “The Princess of China” into the corner of my eye right until the centre of my pupil. Note! Though this looks champagne in the tin, the glitter is actually silver and this is what you can see most of , also a funny name when the rest of the palette seems to be Japan inspired- odd! 

I then took “The Silk Road” ridiculously pigmented orange matte – love it over the rest of the eye leaving a tiny section of the lid bare at the end. 

Finally I added “Tiger Lily” the beautifully bold red in the far corner and under the last line until midway. 

I blended all of this winging it up slightly at the end, lined my eyes with good ol MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack ( does anyone have a cruelty free dupe of this?) and Lashings of Mascara. And filled in my brows as usual.

I actually used a tiny tiny amount of “the Silk Road” as blush , mainly as its not far of Illamasqua’s blusher- lover. This actually worked quite well too! 

Overall after having a play I am really impressed with this pallete, very little fallout and super pigmented!
You can purchase it here

That’ll do for now.



First Impressions- Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection. 

I’ve just arrived home to this beautiful package, I was too excited to create a look and then post so I’m going to do a first impressions instead. As a huge Tim Burton and Alice fan there was no question. I. Needed. This. 

I ordered mine off of Feel Unique as soon as they hit online and now all the lipsticks are out of stock and they are down to minimum stock on the palettes. Many other websites are already out.

Now let’s take a look at the packaging.

Beautiful! Crazy and right up my street. This is not a portable pallete, it is huge and ways a ton! Now the colours! 

Oh! I adore this! 20 shades of awsome here! Some perfect for everyday others more crazy! Many shimmers aswell! This pallete runs in Colluma each being a character. From left: Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracabeth then Time. I personally love the colours Metamorphosis and Doormouse ( the periwinkle blue and tan brown in Alices Collum) Paradox (the shimmery orange in Mad Hatters) and Heads Will Roll ( the real blue in Iracabeths) 

What I cannot capture is the sheer brightness of these colours, they are truly gorgeous and all limited edition! I’m so glad I managed to grab this! 

Now onto the lipstick. I chose Alice as I do not have many nudes. This is a sheer peachy nude with a pink shimmer. The packaging matches the palette and is awsome! 

This is just a quick first impressions, I want to do a look post with swatches on this pallete so look out for that Tuesday! 

Palette set me back £43.00 and the Lipstick £16. Pricey but highly collectables and a must for Alice Fans! I’m so happy I managed to grab this. I won’t link as I don’t know how long these will be available for. 

Did any of you guys pick this up? What do you think? What’s your favourite colour?

See you soon!



Velvet 59 Exotic Lotus Palette Review

Hi guys! Apologies for the absence in truth I’ve been horribly ill… and awaiting for this to arrive! 

This is the Velvet 59 Exotic Lotus Palette – and it is beautiful! Velvet 59 is an independent Cruelty Free company situated in the US. This palette also has the pros of being paraben and gluten free as well as vegan.

I had amazing service off of the company, who also included a free lipgloss for me. I did however have trouble with customs who added a further £15 onto the price I had already paid. A risk you take when purchasing product from abroad. Now on to the exiting part, the colours! Inspired by the exotic smoked lotus flower!

What I cannot capture in this photo is the pure vividness of the bright colours. The orange one “The Silk Road” is absolutely stunning! And an easy winner in the palette. The red one “Tiger Lily” is also gorgeous! I love outlandish colours just as much as I love neutrals and this palette has a perfect mix of both! The swatches that follow are from just one swipe. Pigmentation out of this world! These shaddows are super soft and finely milled, very little fallout! 

I also love that this palette is magnetic backed and you can remove the shadows. What I dislike is that it doesn’t have a mirror, not great for on the go.

Again I can’t do these justice with my awful camera! 

This palette is truly gorgeous but postage and then customs made it really expensive. The palette cost me $39 dollars (£26.89) followed by $20 (13.79) postage however I did have a discount of 20% off of this. With the £15 pound customs charge once it arrived in the country. Bringing this palette into a total of £50.68! 

Do I love this palette, yes! But is it worth £50.68? Not really. I’ve never paid so much for an eyeshadow palette! However that is a risk you take when purchasing out of the country, customs was what brought this pallete up to this price. Minus the £15 and yes! It’s worth it! 

Would you like to see a loose with this when I’m feeling more human? 

You can take a look at the palette or purchase it here

I’ve got a super exciting first impressions on the way! Here’s a hint….

You did it again Urban Decay! Eee I’m so exited! I managed to grab a lippy too! Keep your eyes peeled!