Velvet 59 Exotic Lotus Palette Review

Hi guys! Apologies for the absence in truth I’ve been horribly ill… and awaiting for this to arrive! 

This is the Velvet 59 Exotic Lotus Palette – and it is beautiful! Velvet 59 is an independent Cruelty Free company situated in the US. This palette also has the pros of being paraben and gluten free as well as vegan.

I had amazing service off of the company, who also included a free lipgloss for me. I did however have trouble with customs who added a further £15 onto the price I had already paid. A risk you take when purchasing product from abroad. Now on to the exiting part, the colours! Inspired by the exotic smoked lotus flower!

What I cannot capture in this photo is the pure vividness of the bright colours. The orange one “The Silk Road” is absolutely stunning! And an easy winner in the palette. The red one “Tiger Lily” is also gorgeous! I love outlandish colours just as much as I love neutrals and this palette has a perfect mix of both! The swatches that follow are from just one swipe. Pigmentation out of this world! These shaddows are super soft and finely milled, very little fallout! 

I also love that this palette is magnetic backed and you can remove the shadows. What I dislike is that it doesn’t have a mirror, not great for on the go.

Again I can’t do these justice with my awful camera! 

This palette is truly gorgeous but postage and then customs made it really expensive. The palette cost me $39 dollars (£26.89) followed by $20 (13.79) postage however I did have a discount of 20% off of this. With the £15 pound customs charge once it arrived in the country. Bringing this palette into a total of £50.68! 

Do I love this palette, yes! But is it worth £50.68? Not really. I’ve never paid so much for an eyeshadow palette! However that is a risk you take when purchasing out of the country, customs was what brought this pallete up to this price. Minus the £15 and yes! It’s worth it! 

Would you like to see a loose with this when I’m feeling more human? 

You can take a look at the palette or purchase it here

I’ve got a super exciting first impressions on the way! Here’s a hint….

You did it again Urban Decay! Eee I’m so exited! I managed to grab a lippy too! Keep your eyes peeled! 




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