First Impressions- Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection. 

I’ve just arrived home to this beautiful package, I was too excited to create a look and then post so I’m going to do a first impressions instead. As a huge Tim Burton and Alice fan there was no question. I. Needed. This. 

I ordered mine off of Feel Unique as soon as they hit online and now all the lipsticks are out of stock and they are down to minimum stock on the palettes. Many other websites are already out.

Now let’s take a look at the packaging.

Beautiful! Crazy and right up my street. This is not a portable pallete, it is huge and ways a ton! Now the colours! 

Oh! I adore this! 20 shades of awsome here! Some perfect for everyday others more crazy! Many shimmers aswell! This pallete runs in Colluma each being a character. From left: Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracabeth then Time. I personally love the colours Metamorphosis and Doormouse ( the periwinkle blue and tan brown in Alices Collum) Paradox (the shimmery orange in Mad Hatters) and Heads Will Roll ( the real blue in Iracabeths) 

What I cannot capture is the sheer brightness of these colours, they are truly gorgeous and all limited edition! I’m so glad I managed to grab this! 

Now onto the lipstick. I chose Alice as I do not have many nudes. This is a sheer peachy nude with a pink shimmer. The packaging matches the palette and is awsome! 

This is just a quick first impressions, I want to do a look post with swatches on this pallete so look out for that Tuesday! 

Palette set me back £43.00 and the Lipstick £16. Pricey but highly collectables and a must for Alice Fans! I’m so happy I managed to grab this. I won’t link as I don’t know how long these will be available for. 

Did any of you guys pick this up? What do you think? What’s your favourite colour?

See you soon!




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