Colour correcting – Does it work? 

Last week I decided that I would take the plunge into colour correcting. Being a pale girl who has quite a lot of red in my skin I wanted to see if the trend well… Actually worked. I also really wanted to try the new soap and glory corrector sticks so it worked out well. 

I decided on 3 colours:

Green – To combat the redness around my nose and on my cheeks.

Lavender – This one is for brightening, so I wanted to try this on my high points and on days when I look a little grey.

Yellow – To combat the purple undereyes bags I have. Thank you anemia!

So, onto the pictures do you see a difference? 

First off Green:

Product: Soap & Glory Kick Ass All Is Calm Corrector Stick £8.00

Can I just say that these correctors are lovely, they are soft, blend seamlessly and do not effect the appearance or performance of other products you layer on top.

Though in pictures this doesn’t show to well it really did ease my redness, it does leave a slight and I mean slight green tint but this doesn’t show up atall under makeup. It didn’t make pores look bigger and it made my makeup that I applied after look really nice.  This one I really liked.

Product: NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Yellow £5.50

This little pot is a miracle, a possible holy grail and I’m not sure if these pictures do it justice. WARNING: these are possibly the most unflattering pictures of me ever! But I tried to get just how good this product is.

Dark circles are the curse of my life haha! I have always had them, and now thanks to anemia they are even worse. This little yellow pot is amazing. The pictures do not do it justice. When I apply this to the undereye of one eye and not the other I literally look lopsided. The difference in my skin tone is crazy.  For £5 this little pot stays on all day, doesn’t affect the appearance or performance of con else that you put overtop and doesn’t crease. I AM CONVERTED. Dark circled girls of the world for £5 try this! I’m out to see if I can find more amazing yellow correctors! Do you know of any? 

Product: Soap & Glory Kick Ass All Bright Corrector Stick £8.00

This one I felt did the least, I suppose it added a little more “light” to the areas I applied but nothing that a highlighter doesn’t already do. I suppose if you didn’t feel confident enough for highlighting this would give you that little bit of a glow in those places. Nice product, I just don’t think I need it like I need the others haha! 


Overall I think I am corrector converted! Well green and yellow anyway! The difference it made when the rest of my makeup was on was a big one. I looked a lot more even and polished. I will continue to use these products and I’m super interested in if you have any corrector saviours? Let me know! 




First Look : Korean, Cruelty Free – Klairs / KojaBeauty

Hi lovelies! 

Today I’m doing a first look on Korean, cruelty free brand; Klairs. 

I had heard a fair bit about this brand. Namely I had heard a fair bit about their BB cream which has been receiving high praise despite only coming in 1 colour. Apparently it is a huge fave amongst Korean celebrities and is a much loved product by many.

I also purchased some of their skincare products, being the huge skincare fan I am. 

All of my purchases were made on Koja Beauty. This small but lovely planned out website which focuses solely on Korean cruelty free and vegan skincare and makeup. I found the team to be particularly caring and kind, especially when it came to a slight delay with one of my products. They kept me up to date with delivery times and were very quick to respond to any queries I had. I couldn’t recommend this site more. 

So onto the products. Remember this is a first look! I will do more in depth reviews! 

Let’s start with the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream £14.99

This product boasts anti ageing, sebum control and whitening (brightening) aswell as an SPF of 40 PA+++ . It comes in only one colour which is a huge downside, luckily this colour is perfect for my skin tone. 

It is a yellow tone and pale, so it may not work for everyone. Upon application this is very easy to blend, it has a super smooth consistency and has a dewy glowy finish which I like, though some may prefer to powder. The coverage is light but buildable to a medium without looking cakey. Great for pale skins and natural makeup days! 

Next up the Creamy Natural Fit Concealer £10.99

This is a nice and as the tube says, creamy concealer. I find it to be a slight bit darker than the BB cream but it isn’t noticeable when blended in. I think that though it says it would cover spots it works best for undereyes. It is light in texture and doesn’t crease into fine lines like some concealer do.  Excuse my veiny hand in the photo.

The skincare product that caught my eye the most was the Midnight Blue Calming Cream £16.99

As someone who follows the 10 step skincare routine (something I have been trialing for around 2 months now and loving) having a few different products for specific problems helps keep my skin in good condition.  This cream is targeted at those days when skin feels a little more irritated then others. When perhaps you have a breakout or dry or irritated skin from stress or weather. This is an overnight cream that you would use to calm that skin.

It is blue in colour but it doesn’t leave a colour on the skin and when you apply it feels like silk, beautiful! It has a cooling sensation and is very lightly scented. I also love how this product comes with a spoon to keep the container hygienic. I cannot wait to trial this and see how this works. I have a feeling it is going to be a favourite! 

The final thing I got were some of the Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Masks £1.99

Containing hyaluronic acid these claim to moisturise, nourish, soothe and control oil aswell as balance the skins natural pH levels. Sound great! I can’t wait to try these as I love sheet masks! 

I’m real looking forward to trialing all these products over the next month and look forward to providing detailed reviews for these. I also look forward to purchasing more from Koja beauty! They’ve got a BB cream I’ve got my eye on 😉 



The most wonderful week!

Hello lovelies!

I write this at 6am on the day we leave our little cabin in Sherwood Forest and I couldn’t have had a more memorable birthday week. As for why I’m up at 6. I’m far too hot and can’t sleep! 

This isn’t going to be an amazing or overly interesting post, but it’s more of a diary for me. I have honestly had the most relaxing time and some of the funniest and loveliest experiences from the swan knocking on our door! Yes a swan! 

Or my boyfriend of 4 years finally dropping the question… I said yes! Blubbering like an idiot of course! He picked a beautiful ring too. He has been my rock these past few years, through thick and thin and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to have in my life and hold in my heart.

This isn’t going to be a long post, more just pictures and memories. A little picture log for myself. I honestly adore British holidays like this, I prefer them to holidays abroad. The quite cabins and all the nature really helps me to destress. This year has been really tough with a number of things and illness and this was just what we needed to turn it around. 

Just check out that squirrel guy! He was super eager for a photo! He jumped right up in front of me for it! 

Our home for the week. 

This holiday… and the football… gave me time to pick up the paintbrush again! Something I love to do, even if I’m not great. I love botanical art and have a huge collection of vintage books laced with pressed flowers and painted illustration. 

Anyway! Enough of the babble! I’ve got some exciting reviews lined up and a huge haul of products on their way so stay tuned! 

I hope you all had a gorgeous week.



Favourite Fragrances

I have never been much of a perfume girl. It takes me a really long time to find something I like and when I do, it stick to it.  I often find I prefer men’s fragrance to women’s.  I find this funny as my mum adores perfumes, a trait I never got it seems. That being said, these are my four favorites, and the only fragrances I own.

1. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir £42

This is a new favorite, I think.. I’m not sure if I love it or I’m not keen haha! It’s fruity and quite strong in scent. It’s notes are pomegranate, raspberry, plum and pink pepper laced with Casablanca lily and spicy wood. I really do like it, it’s just so different to the others, this one feels kinda sexy smelling in comparison.  Jo Malone fragrances though this differs from person to person, I personally find don’t last on my skin too long. Maybe only a couple of hours which is a shame. 

2. Chanel Mademoiselle £68

My first designer perfume and still one of my favorites. It’s one of those scents you put a tiny amount on first thing and you still smell of it the day later. Beautiful . A scent I couldn’t begin to describe myself so we will use the product description. 

An oriental fragrance with a strong personality, yet surprisingly fresh.Sparks of fresh and vibrant orange immediately awaken the senses. A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of Jasmine and Rose. The trail unfurls the pure accents of Patchouli and Vetiver that emphasise the slender structure of the composition.

3. Miss Dior £49.50

The most floral I will ever get, very unlike me as I really do not like floral scents. It’s described as a floral garden scent with notes of Freesia, Jasmine, Orange Blossom , vanilla and caramel. Though the latter two I wouldn’t use to describe this scent. It also has a gorgeous bottle, which looks lovely on my dressing table.  Lasts all day too.

4. Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay £42

This is my favorite scent, though probably not for everyone. It literally smells adsactly how it’s named. Like you’ve been picking blackberries in a county hedgerow. It’s fresh and delicious and makes me feel like a cottage garden faerie queen. I’ve never smelt anything like it before and it is most definitely my ulimate scent. Unfortunately like all Jo Malone the scent doesn’t last very long on my skin and I do have to reapply thoughout the day. 

What are your favorite fragrances? 

I’m having such a wonderful time away, I can’t wait to show you! 


Makeup Travel Bag

I’m heading off for a couple of days today to celebrate my birthday with my love. We’ve booked a forest holiday and I just can’t wait. 

I thought I would do a quick post with a run down of all the makeup I will be taking. I probably won’t wear it all everyday but I feel it’s good to take. 

1. Burts Bees Lipbalm £3.69 – A basic must have, my favorite lip balms. Ever. 

2. The Bodyshop Instaglow CC Cream in Bright Glow £14.00 – This can be used on its own for a skin pick me up, makes foundation look lovely and has SPF 20. Good if the sun in Britain ever comes out! 

3. Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion £14.78 – Dewy, compact, lovely and SPF 50 great for us porcelain princesses. Long lasting! 

4. Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer £22.00 – Currently covers the giant pimple I have! 

5. Revlon Photoready powder £11.29 -It’s not the best but it stops shine. Using it up, new powder on the way. 

6. Barry M Strobe Cream in Frosty Pink £4.49– My everyday Highlight at the moment, small and compact heavenly. 

7. The Bodyshop Lip & Cheek Stain in Deep Berry £8.00 – Love these and they save space. Long lasting too! 

8. MAC Amber Times Nine Pallete £25 in sale! – Eyes, brows and contour if necessary in one pallete. This is a lovely pallete, cruelty free dupe ideas anyone? 

9. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack £16.00 – For liner, my must have. 

10. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.50 – If I’m using a stain I’m gonna need it haha! Smooth lips needed! 

11. Loreal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara £9.99 – Using it up, not the greatest. Mascara is mascara to me. 

Finally just my Eco Tools Starter kit brushes £14.99 which I love and are super handy for travelling and are also cruelty free and the Real Techniques blender £5.99 The only tools I’m taking! 


I’m off! Got a few posts lined up so don’t worry. Speak soon!



What I’ve done this week and some favourites

Hello lovelies! How are all of you? Today I thought I’d do a quick post of some of my antics this week with a couple of favourites thrown in. 

The first thing I did this week was watch the sequel to my favourite horror film. The Conjuring 2 came out this week and I loved it! It was even better than the first and I was gripped to my seat, there’s a few great jump scares in there too to make it even more fun! If you love horror films like me, you should definatly give it a watch! I want to go back and watch again! 

I’ve also gotten engrossed in another K-Drama… I’m sorry! This one is also on Netflix and is called Click your Heart. It’s super cheesy, 1 cute clumsy transfer  student and 4 hunky talented boys fighting for her. But it’s just so funny and cute and at 15 minuets an episode it’s easy to watch and doesn’t mean I’m stuck to the iPad for 16 hours haha

I also took a visit to the new NYX stand in my local boots and picked up a new favourite. I picked up the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes £5.50. It’s a dark rosy brown and is such a lovely colour, a little drying but that’s expected I’ve wore it pretty much all week! This was my first ever NYX product and I’m impressed! I also picked up their famous jumbo eye pencil in Milk of which I’m yet to try out. I’m also glad to see they are a drug store brand that are cruelty free, as unfortunate the majority of drugstore aren’t (perhaps this is changing now!)  Which of their products do you guys recommend? As I certainly want to pick up more! 

The final thing I did was take a trip to our local garden centre with my parents. Going places with just my mum and dad is something that doesn’t happen often as we are all pretty busy, but today we found the time. We picked flowers for the garden and had Tea in the cafe and it was lovely. 

Right now I’m off to pack for mine and my boyfriends holiday break, we’re heading to centerparcs for 5 days to chill in a little log cabin! I’m so excited! I’ve got a few ideas for blog posts so look out for those! 

What have you done today? Any favourites that you want to share? I love to read your comments! 



Have Illamasqua made the most beautiful product ever?

You know when you see one of those products that you just have to have, regardless of how practical? Well this was one of them. This is the Illamasqua Lava Lips limited edition lipstick in Activist £19.50

When you swatch this it is actually a beautiful fuschia/purple colour. However I’m not too sure what the colour will be when you hit the blue green swirls! 

I also picked up one of their Sketch Sticks in Free £15 this is a multi purpose product and I really want to use it with a brush as winged liner! I just love the cornflower blue! 

The sketch sticks come in so many gorgeous colours I think I will pick up more, I especially love this orange one! 

Hope your all having a lovely day!