Three products I have loved in May

Despite spending most of May in hospital, I did have a brief time in the real world. In which I discovered these 3 beautiful products! 

Number 1 is the Neals Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash £16.00. This smells beautiful! Is non drying and leaves my skin feeling lovely, it doesn’t foam up too much either which I love as I know it is being gentle. The packaging is beautiful, but glass – making it not great for travel, but it sure does look pretty on your sink! I love the fact that the pump also dispenses a perfect amount, no wastage here! Organic and cruelty free too! 

Number 2 is Lush Cosmetics Enchanted Eye Cream £12.95. Again super gentle and smells beautiful. It has lavender honey water and almond oil as its main ingredients. Super light and leaves under eyes feeling cared for. Pump is also perfect at dispensing just enough. It can be used both day and night. If your young and haven’t got wrinkles but want to care for your undereyes this is perfect. You also get a whopping 45g of product which is so much more than you get for most eyecreams. Bargin! Cruelty free! Yay! 

Final product number 3 is The Body Shops Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion £9.50.  I used this throughout my hospital stay. The medication I’m currently on wreaks havoc on my skin so I have been using this to combat dryness. This is a pre serum & moisturiser – moisturiser. Wow haha! Basically after cleansing and toning, you put this on. Then continue with your skincare routine. Out of all the products this has made the biggest difference. My skin looks brighter, is more hydrated than ever and my pores look great. If you try only one of these products get this! It has made it into my holy grails! All you do is take a tiny bit, and pat it in. Miracles are made! Also cruelty free! Love it! 

Do any of you guys love these products? Do you have any products you reccomend? I’d love to know! 

Have a wonderful weekend!




7 thoughts on “Three products I have loved in May

    1. For skincare I do love their rose range as it really does work for all skin types. The face wash mentioned is lovely. I also adore there citrus body range. Their Citrus soaps and shower gel smell gorgeous and are lovely and refreshing. I brought it my mum for her birthday and she’s used it ever since. Staff are lovely in the shops and they are so helpful. They can help get the range for you. Hope this helps! xx

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