The workday face…

It’s probably no suprise, but no matter how much I love makeup, I don’t get dolled up too much for work. I prefer to keep it natural and fresh, and easy to wash off after a long hot day! Today I thought I would do a little run through of my everyday face. Of which you see here haha. 

The first thing I do after my skincare is apply my base. At the moment I’m finishing off the Dior Skin Nude Foundation £33 I do like this foundation but I find that at times it can be quite cakey and I’d rather use something cruelty free.  I’ve tackled this by spraying my blender sponge with Lush Eau Roma water £8.50 and applying lightly for a more dewy finish. I want to finish off my products before converting them to cruelty free as I feel like it’s a waste not to .

I then fill in my brows. Today I used the new Benifit Goof Proof Brow Pencil £18.50 I got this as a sample with Elle Magazine and I really like it! 

For the rest of my face I used this cheeky little Barry M Palette called Hide & Chic £6.49 It has a bronzer, 2 blushes and 2 Highlights.

 The pink blush is a bit garish but I did quite like the peach so I used that on my cheeks along with the bronzer and Champagne highlighter. I also used the highlighter on my eyelids as I like to break rules hehe. For pale skin this is really quite nice as it isn’t overly pigmented. What do you expect for that price! I like it! 

After that I finished off with some mascara and good old Charlotte Tilburys Amazing Grace Lipstick £23 blended out with my finger.


Have a lovely day.




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