What I’ve done this week and some favourites

Hello lovelies! How are all of you? Today I thought I’d do a quick post of some of my antics this week with a couple of favourites thrown in. 

The first thing I did this week was watch the sequel to my favourite horror film. The Conjuring 2 came out this week and I loved it! It was even better than the first and I was gripped to my seat, there’s a few great jump scares in there too to make it even more fun! If you love horror films like me, you should definatly give it a watch! I want to go back and watch again! 

I’ve also gotten engrossed in another K-Drama… I’m sorry! This one is also on Netflix and is called Click your Heart. It’s super cheesy, 1 cute clumsy transfer  student and 4 hunky talented boys fighting for her. But it’s just so funny and cute and at 15 minuets an episode it’s easy to watch and doesn’t mean I’m stuck to the iPad for 16 hours haha

I also took a visit to the new NYX stand in my local boots and picked up a new favourite. I picked up the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes £5.50. It’s a dark rosy brown and is such a lovely colour, a little drying but that’s expected I’ve wore it pretty much all week! This was my first ever NYX product and I’m impressed! I also picked up their famous jumbo eye pencil in Milk of which I’m yet to try out. I’m also glad to see they are a drug store brand that are cruelty free, as unfortunate the majority of drugstore aren’t (perhaps this is changing now!)  Which of their products do you guys recommend? As I certainly want to pick up more! 

The final thing I did was take a trip to our local garden centre with my parents. Going places with just my mum and dad is something that doesn’t happen often as we are all pretty busy, but today we found the time. We picked flowers for the garden and had Tea in the cafe and it was lovely. 

Right now I’m off to pack for mine and my boyfriends holiday break, we’re heading to centerparcs for 5 days to chill in a little log cabin! I’m so excited! I’ve got a few ideas for blog posts so look out for those! 

What have you done today? Any favourites that you want to share? I love to read your comments! 




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