First Look : Korean, Cruelty Free – Klairs / KojaBeauty

Hi lovelies! 

Today I’m doing a first look on Korean, cruelty free brand; Klairs. 

I had heard a fair bit about this brand. Namely I had heard a fair bit about their BB cream which has been receiving high praise despite only coming in 1 colour. Apparently it is a huge fave amongst Korean celebrities and is a much loved product by many.

I also purchased some of their skincare products, being the huge skincare fan I am. 

All of my purchases were made on Koja Beauty. This small but lovely planned out website which focuses solely on Korean cruelty free and vegan skincare and makeup. I found the team to be particularly caring and kind, especially when it came to a slight delay with one of my products. They kept me up to date with delivery times and were very quick to respond to any queries I had. I couldn’t recommend this site more. 

So onto the products. Remember this is a first look! I will do more in depth reviews! 

Let’s start with the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream £14.99

This product boasts anti ageing, sebum control and whitening (brightening) aswell as an SPF of 40 PA+++ . It comes in only one colour which is a huge downside, luckily this colour is perfect for my skin tone. 

It is a yellow tone and pale, so it may not work for everyone. Upon application this is very easy to blend, it has a super smooth consistency and has a dewy glowy finish which I like, though some may prefer to powder. The coverage is light but buildable to a medium without looking cakey. Great for pale skins and natural makeup days! 

Next up the Creamy Natural Fit Concealer £10.99

This is a nice and as the tube says, creamy concealer. I find it to be a slight bit darker than the BB cream but it isn’t noticeable when blended in. I think that though it says it would cover spots it works best for undereyes. It is light in texture and doesn’t crease into fine lines like some concealer do.  Excuse my veiny hand in the photo.

The skincare product that caught my eye the most was the Midnight Blue Calming Cream £16.99

As someone who follows the 10 step skincare routine (something I have been trialing for around 2 months now and loving) having a few different products for specific problems helps keep my skin in good condition.  This cream is targeted at those days when skin feels a little more irritated then others. When perhaps you have a breakout or dry or irritated skin from stress or weather. This is an overnight cream that you would use to calm that skin.

It is blue in colour but it doesn’t leave a colour on the skin and when you apply it feels like silk, beautiful! It has a cooling sensation and is very lightly scented. I also love how this product comes with a spoon to keep the container hygienic. I cannot wait to trial this and see how this works. I have a feeling it is going to be a favourite! 

The final thing I got were some of the Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Masks £1.99

Containing hyaluronic acid these claim to moisturise, nourish, soothe and control oil aswell as balance the skins natural pH levels. Sound great! I can’t wait to try these as I love sheet masks! 

I’m real looking forward to trialing all these products over the next month and look forward to providing detailed reviews for these. I also look forward to purchasing more from Koja beauty! They’ve got a BB cream I’ve got my eye on 😉 




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