Colour correcting – Does it work? 

Last week I decided that I would take the plunge into colour correcting. Being a pale girl who has quite a lot of red in my skin I wanted to see if the trend well… Actually worked. I also really wanted to try the new soap and glory corrector sticks so it worked out well. 

I decided on 3 colours:

Green – To combat the redness around my nose and on my cheeks.

Lavender – This one is for brightening, so I wanted to try this on my high points and on days when I look a little grey.

Yellow – To combat the purple undereyes bags I have. Thank you anemia!

So, onto the pictures do you see a difference? 

First off Green:

Product: Soap & Glory Kick Ass All Is Calm Corrector Stick £8.00

Can I just say that these correctors are lovely, they are soft, blend seamlessly and do not effect the appearance or performance of other products you layer on top.

Though in pictures this doesn’t show to well it really did ease my redness, it does leave a slight and I mean slight green tint but this doesn’t show up atall under makeup. It didn’t make pores look bigger and it made my makeup that I applied after look really nice.  This one I really liked.

Product: NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Yellow £5.50

This little pot is a miracle, a possible holy grail and I’m not sure if these pictures do it justice. WARNING: these are possibly the most unflattering pictures of me ever! But I tried to get just how good this product is.

Dark circles are the curse of my life haha! I have always had them, and now thanks to anemia they are even worse. This little yellow pot is amazing. The pictures do not do it justice. When I apply this to the undereye of one eye and not the other I literally look lopsided. The difference in my skin tone is crazy.  For £5 this little pot stays on all day, doesn’t affect the appearance or performance of con else that you put overtop and doesn’t crease. I AM CONVERTED. Dark circled girls of the world for £5 try this! I’m out to see if I can find more amazing yellow correctors! Do you know of any? 

Product: Soap & Glory Kick Ass All Bright Corrector Stick £8.00

This one I felt did the least, I suppose it added a little more “light” to the areas I applied but nothing that a highlighter doesn’t already do. I suppose if you didn’t feel confident enough for highlighting this would give you that little bit of a glow in those places. Nice product, I just don’t think I need it like I need the others haha! 


Overall I think I am corrector converted! Well green and yellow anyway! The difference it made when the rest of my makeup was on was a big one. I looked a lot more even and polished. I will continue to use these products and I’m super interested in if you have any corrector saviours? Let me know! 




8 thoughts on “Colour correcting – Does it work? 

    1. Haha! I was the same, I heard of this product from Youtuber and blogger Emma Pickles and honestly I’ve not seen any green on my face even when I’ve wore it all day. Little is more and by the time your foundation or bb cream is on its completely hidden xx

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