Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Primer Review

Hello Lovelies! 

I hope you are all ok on this dull summers day. Today’s review is on the Bare Minerals Prime Time Brighting Primer £22.00.

I’ve been after a primer for a while and whilst searching on the web I  came across this one, which had a high number of reviews and 5 stars on feel unique. This one also had the bonus of being cruelty free (although word of warning their parent company Shishedo do) .

The product comes in a standard white pump bottle not dissimilar to one you would get at lush. It claims to be formulated without preservatives, oils and fragrances and states that it will add glow to the skin whilst smoothing dryness, fine lines, uneven texture and pores. 

Upon application it is a gold colour and quite liquidy despite being silicone based. It also has tiny gold glitters in it though upon application it doesn’t show up. 

This product does indeed smooth pores and even out the texture of my skin, it also does improve the longevity of my base makeup. I also like that the ingredients list short and contains natural extracts. It doesn’t however have a brightening effect on my skin. It does give a dewy finish upon application but it drys down to a natural finish. The brightening claim was what made me purchase this product, which makes me sad that I couldn’t see any difference in that area. 

I think that this product would work well on most skins, it doesn’t highlight any dryness and doesn’t go oily. However if your wanted a product to give you that glowy skin this isn’t it.

I will continue to use this product but I don’t think I would repurchase. 

I hope someone found this helpful! 

Have a wonderful day!




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