Four Korean Skincare Products that make a difference! 

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m back with another post about my love for Korean products. I would say that for around 3 months now I have been religiously following the Korean 10 step skincare routine, and the difference in my skin is outstanding. 

A 10 step routine may at first seem daunting, and you may think that it takes hours but that certainly isn’t the truth. I currently use a mix of both Korean and western products. I’ve selected what I like and don’t like about both and encorporated my favorites into my routine. Its trial and error, you learn as you go along. 

Before I go into the products I really should mention a book that really helped me on my skincare journey. Though I was following a 10 step before I read this, this book has helped me out so much. From helping me find ingredients that will help my skin, and what skin type I have  to learning all about the importance of PH levels and how they effect our skin.This book is called The Little book of Skicare £18.99 by Charlotte Cho (creator of Korean skincare website and blog, Soko Glam) she writes in a comical and easy to understand format and it’s lovely. If your really intrested in improving your skin for the better and don’t know where to start, I really reccomend this handy little book. I purchased it here

Now! Onto the products I have been really enjoying. 

1. Innisfree Juicy Apple Cleansing oil £16.50 purchased here.

This is a really simple but effective oil cleanser, it removes makeup and smells divine. Innisfree is quickly becoming a brand I can really trust for quality, there sunscreen is also beautiful. This cleanser contains plenty of plant and fruit extracts as well as being paraben free. I’ve been using this morning and night as my first step after removing eye makeup. 

2. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off £8.47 purchased here.

I love this little exfoliator! It may not look pretty but your skin will be glowing after! This little pot of sugar based exfoliator allows you to personalise just how exfoliating you want it to be. With warm water you can lessen the sugar granules making it gentler if you wish or go straight from the pot for a deep down scrub. It smells like limes… Mmm! And really does leave your skin super smooth. It’s really affordable too and you get a lot. I use this 1-2 times a week after cleansing. 

3. The SAEM Power Ampoule Hydra around about £13 purchased on eBay 

This serum/ampoule contains just 3 ingredients and is a powerful hyaluronic acid. Don’t be afraid by the word acid this is an amazing hydrator. Hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its weight in water, making this a great step to put in your routine before moisturising. I use this when I feel like my skin needs a moisture boost. As you learn with Korean skincare you tailor every days routine to how your skin is feeling and what it needs.

4. Laneige water sleeping mask £18.66 purchased here.

Another super hydrating product only this one is used overnight. Like the western Origins overnight masks this is made to skin into skin and act as a more effective overnight moisturiser. This mask, though nourishing feels light and not tacky like some do, it doesn’t transfer onto your pillow. It also smells light and not as overpowering as some others do. When you wake up in the morning your skin looks noticeable brigther,  plumper and less red. This really is a cult product for a reason. If you buy on product, make it this! 

As you can see all these products are really affordable and that’s the think about Korean products, they use the best ingredients but still don’t have huge price tags. Skincare is huge in Korea, and products are everywhere, constantly changing. They make great skin a ail able for everyone.

Let me know if you follow a 10 step routine, what products do you love?




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