Brand Appreciation – NYX Cosmetics

Until a few months ago NYX cosmetics were only available in select stores or online in the UK. Recently NYX stands have been popping up around Boots stores, one being my local a couple of weeks ago. Well I decided to pick up some products, having never tried them before.

We had saw the hype, with beauty gurus raving about their affordable and quality products. I’ve discovered for myself now that the hype is real and the products are worth it.

Though cheap, they are cruelty free and the quality of every product I have tried has been great. I especially love the Jumbo Eye Pencils, of which I’ve grabbed a fair few now. They are creamy and long lasting. Perfect dupes of Illamasqua Sketch Sticks but 1/3 of the price and available in a whole lot more colours. 

I also love that they cater from very light skins all the way to dark. Making it more accessible for girls to get the correct products for their skin tones – something previously hard in drug stores. 

The liquid lips are also pretty great! In a range of different colours and finishes! I seem to purchase one every time I go in now! 

Hope you liked this short post, feeling a unwell today. 

Speak soon,




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