August Empties! 

I’ve finished up quite a lot of products this month already, so I thought it about time I did an empties post! 

The majority of it is skincare related however there’s a few other things so let’s begin!


A lot of these are favorites so I have already repurchase 2 of these. The first being Lush Cosmetics Celestial Facial Moisturiser (£14.95). This is my absolute favorite moisturiser, it’s just so perfect fast absorbing, light but packs a punch in the moisturising field. Affordable and natural a holy grail. 

The second one I’ve repurchased is The Body Shop Calomile Silky Cleansing Oil (£10.00). This has since got new packaging but is still the same holy grail product, all makeup is dissolved in seconds with this, super smooth and great to do a good facial massage with. 

This month I also used up my Lush Cosmetics Twilight Shower Gel. This was a Lush Kitchen product so it isn’t currently available. I think it cost me around £12. Twilight is my favorite sent lush does, it’s predominately lavender and bergamot, I find is so soothing and relaxing. Very sad this is finished.

The Origins Original Skin Serum (£32.00) was also finished this month. I really like this serum, it is smoothing brightening and aimed at younger skins (early twenties) I would repurchase this however I’m currently trialing one out now to review which I’m really liking stay tuned! 

The final one in the skincare category is Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover (£1.94). This is a very average product but it does an ok job. It won’t remover tough waterproof makeup like it states but it does in conjunction to other cleansers such as The Body Shop one previously mentioned. Not the best but it’s ok – defiantly better than a makeup wipe! 

Makeup and Hair

Only two in this category. The first being Dior Skin Nude Foundation (£32.50)I have purchased this multiple times and I adore it (flawless and satin in every way) however I don’t feel inclined to buy it again, there’s so many new products on the market now I’m intrigued to try something new. I’m also trying to reduce the amount of products I use that test on animals and there’s so many amazing brands to explore! 

I also used up the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Hair Mask (£4.49).It was ok and super affordable, left my hair soft but I wouldn’t say deeply nourished. Do any of you guys have any hair masks you swear by? I’m in search of one! 

Hope your all having a lovely day!




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