#septemberskinchallenge Week 2 

Hello lovelies! 

Im back with week two of the Instagram September Skin Challenge. 

 Still really enjoying this, and learning a lot about products and skin types! 

So without further ado, onto week two! 

Day 8: Facial Oil. 

My almost empty facial oil is  Kiehls Midnight Recovery. This item has lasted me a really long time as if I use it too often it is too much for my skin and causes breakouts. I use it maybe 2 times a week max but it is a really lovely, fast absorbing oil. My mum swears by this product and it is a holy grail for her. It helped diminish her sun spots drastically- it’s what she loves it for the most!

Day 9: Most Expensive Item Purchased

As mentioned yesterday my Kiehls Midnight Recovery is almost finished and as also mentioned I really wanted to try Sunday Riley’s Luna! Well I got paid today, and I’ve brought it! I’m so excited for it to arrive, I’m hoping it’s worth my money and the hype! 

Day 10: Skincare Innovation

My choice is Neogen Gauze Peeling Pads. I have them in the wine type. These are single use AHA chemical exfoliators. Gentle enough for sensitive skin I use these 2-3 times a week and believe me when I say, you see an instant difference! They have a rougher side which you use for physical exfoliating you then flip it over and use the softer side (pictured) to wipe away leftover impurities. The proof is on the pad! 

TIP: using on you face hop in the shower and use it on dull elbows and knees! A all round miracle product! 

Day 11: Night Moisturiser 

 Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream is targeted at those days when skin feels a little more irritated then others. When perhaps you have a breakout or dry or irritated skin from stress or weather. This is an overnight cream that you would use to calm that skin.

It is blue in colour but it doesn’t leave a tint on the skin and when you apply it feels like silk, beautiful! It has a cooling sensation and is very lightly scented. I also love how this product comes with a spoon to keep the container hygienic.

Day 12: Eye cream

My current go to is the Missha Misa Cho Bo Yang (what long name!)  eye cream. Containing ginseng and gold this eyecream feels lovely and I’m really enjoying it! Thick, quick absorbing and super nourishing. 

Day 13: Empty

I had a few but this is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Toner I finished earlier this month. I really liked this, but wasn’t a fan of the scent. As with the whole of the Liz Earle range it is very perfumed and I found it off putting. If you love Liz Earle your already expecting the scent. 

Day 14: Cleanser 

These are what I’m currently using – for oil cleanser I’m using Innisfee Apple Juicy Cleanser which I’m not overly enjoying, I just have ones I like more. It’s a nice product just not as effective as others I’ve tried. For my second cleanse I use Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cranberry. This creates the softest foam ever… I love it! 
I hope your having a lovely day, wherever you are.



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