#septemberskinchallenge Week 3

You guys must be getting used to this by now, so let’s get straight to it! It’s the September Skin Challenge Week 3! 

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Day 15: Korean Skincare Products. 

A lot of the products I use daily are Korean, however I thought that the most “Korean” product I could find are sleeping packs and sleeping masks. These are only recently popping up in western brands such as Origins and The Body Shop but are quickly becoming popular. Here I have the The Saem Fruit Punch Packs, which I’m yet to open and the cult favourite Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. These hit skin with that extra boost of moisture and wonderful ingredients whilst you sleep, waking you up with gorgeous skin.

Day 16: Hand Cream. 

This is my all time favourite, the scent is amazing – what heaven must smell like and it’s super nourishing. I could literally smell this all day long! Loccitane Neroli and Orchid (it’s foreign as I got this tube from the airport when I was on holiday earlier this year). 

Day 17:Toner. 

Here I have Son&Park Beauty water. This is a multi purpose product which can be used as a cleanser,toner and exfoliator. Next to it I have Skin Watchers Refresh Flower Toner. Beautifully scented and the perfect PH level – I’m enjoying this a lot. 

Day 18: Selfie.

Not much to say here haha! An old one too! Finished work late and looked rough haha! I really don’t do selfies 🙈

Day 19: New Discovery. 

Though this isn’t new, and i may have had this sample in my draw for a few months now. It was only the other day that I tried this. It’s the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. I really like it! It’s moisturising enough for the daytime and helps depuff those newly awake eyes! I will probably purchase this when I need a new day eye cream. 

Day 20: Sheet Mask. 

I have a box full of sheet masks but these are my absolute favourite. They are the Skinfood Real Tea Hydrogel Masks. This one is in Rose. These contain real petals within the gel. They feel very luxurious and I use these when I need a real pick me up. The Rose one is my favourite! 

Day 21: Lip Balm.

I literally have so many and I’m not picky about which one. This one however is the one by my bed at the moment. The tube is huge and it’s super long lasting on the lips it’s Papaya Gold Paw Paw with Manuka honey. A great find, multiple uses, it also does great on chapped and dry skin elsewhere!

See you Tuesday!



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