#septemberskinchallenge The Final Week! 

Hello Lovelies! 
Sorry for taking a break last week. I been having some tummy issues and a pretty horrific week. But have no fear I’m back! Today’s post is the final of the #septemberskinchallenge. I’m sad it’s over but I have plenty of new post ideas up my sleeve. 4 weeks in now, you know the rules. On to it! 
Day 22: Skincare Gadget. 

As of late I have two. The first is the one I probably use the most, it is The Body Shop Massage Roller. This helps with lymphatic drainage it reduces puffiness and feels nice to use, simple affordable and effective. The second is my old and well loved Clarisonic Mia 2. This I’ve used on and off for months at a time whilst I’ve had it. Overall I find it much to harsh on my skin during the colder months. It’s great for an exfoliation though.

Day 23: Celeb Skinspiration. 

I chose Natalie Portman. Never over done with makeup, she lets her natural beauty shine through. She is also a very inspirational women all round incredibly clever with a great sense of humour! I love her.

Day 24: Exfoliator. 

I talk about exfoliators a lot. One I haven’t mentioned on Instagram that I love however is the Pixi Glow Tonic. A gentle yet effective glycolic acid toner. Good enough for Caroline Hirons, Good enough 

Day 25: Oil Cleanser. 

Being as I talked about my current oil cleanser on day 14 I decided I would mention my backup for when that one runs out. This is Banila Co Clean It Zero Oil Cleanser. A cult favourite amongst many!

Day 26: Storage

Honestly everywhere and ever increasing! In picture number 1, I have my 3 stackable storage boxes which have, skincare and cosmetics in. Pic 2 is my dressing table top, which is full of all sorts of junk, the draw in my dresser is full of cosmetics also. Pic 3 is my bedside table. Pic 4 is my sheet mask box haha – yes I’m obsessed! Pic 5 is my ever growing samples box ( too many for one face!) and the final is my tiny single shelf in the bathroom. I can’t wait for my own place haha!

Day 27: “pick me up when I’m down product”. 

For me a mask – any sort (sheet,peel,clay,overnight) is an instant pick me up. A little bit of self care. This particular mask is Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off and I love it. Gentle super brightening and affordable. Honestly your skin feels baby butt smooth after! Try it to believe! 

Day 28: Treatment. 

I’m a big believer in these. I use multiple treatments, I tailor them for what each area needs. Usually a vitamin C  such as the Klairs one for dark spots on my cheek bones Sunday Riley Luna for night care and this little wonder. I suffer with hormonal acne more than anything else. Spots, blackheads and cystic acne, happen to me, usually on my chin and around my nose monthly. This product the COSRX BHA Power Liquid helps reduce sebum levels and rebalance the oil levels on my face. It helps diminish redness on my pimples and heal them quicker. This has been my go to this week.

Day 29: Daytime Moisturiser.

Mentioned a million times on here this is Lush Cosmetics Celestial Facial Moisturiser. My most purchased moisturiser. This has got to be atleast my 10th pot! Though simple and unfancy to me personally, nothing compares this changed my skin for the better from the very first day of use. 

Day 30: Favourite Skincare Instagrammer/Blogger

So today is the last day of I’ve really loved taking part, I’ve learnt a lot from others and found some great accounts! Chosen by many I’m sure but it’s Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons). Hilarious, beautiful and so so knowledgeable. Her skin care routines have me dying of envy. Her blog, is a holy grail! A close second is Korean Beauty Blogger @fiddysnails. Who’s blog can be found here. This women ages backwards and I’m in awe. 

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Hope you’ve enjoyed Skincare themed September. Speak soon!




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