Little Halloween/Christmas Lush Haul

Hello Lovelies,

The other day me and my fiancé took a trip into Birmingham to do some shopping. Now it’s that time of year where lush bring out the best of the best. I had no choice. I had to go in. 

There’s a fair few new items this year which is exciting. At Christmas my main focus is the bubble bars and bath bombs.  Again I was sad to see that the Christmas hedgehog isn’t back ( I loved that little guy) The shop was pretty busy and we were in a hurry to get back so I grabbed some old favorites and the ones that caught my eye… and nose.

The first one that caught my eye was Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb £3.75, this is a flat floating bath bomb which is layered with red, yellow and green layers. Lush claims that this has a grassy sort of scent. Whilst it smells fresh I wouldn’t describe it as grassy. I would probably go citrusy. 

Next I picked up Pumpkin Bath Bomb £3.95, this is what heaven must smell like. Similar to Cinders Bath Bomb last year it is mostly cinnamon based however has an orangey scent to it too. It’s sweet and spicy, adsactly what I think of when it comes to autumn and winter. I can’t wait to use this one! 

The one that most caught my attention whilst in the shop was  Never Mind The Ballistics £4.25, a huge fan of the Sex Pistols I got excited at the name and look of this one. I also saw this one in action in the shop. It looks (once in the tub) and smells exactly like Fanta orange or those swizzles sweets you had as a kid. I also love the fact that this one has a cocoa butter shell on top. Although if it’s anything like Lava Lamp it’s a bath stainer! One of the more pricey bombs. 

This one is my absolute favourite Bath Bomb that lush makes. I had to pick up three! Its the So White Bath Bomb £3.75, it’s had a bit of a revamp this year with a little green leaf on it. This smells like freshly cut apples and it’s so good I could eat it. I currently have one on my bedside table so I can smell it every time I go into the bedroom. It’s probably one of the most delicately scentled Bath bombs they make. A favorite of my mums also! It used to be pale pink on the inside. I’m hoping it’s still the same! 

Not a seasonal product but one I pick up every time I go in is the Twilight Bath Bomb £3.75, makes me sleep every time and a beautiful relaxer. Lavender and Tonka oils help unwind and destress. My favourite after So White. So glad this is a permenant product!

My fiancés favorite,  the one I fork out for him everytime and never get to enjoy haha! It’s Golden Wonder £4.25, probably the brightest, most glittery, star filled Bath Bomb of all time. Citrusy in scent and absolutely enormous. This one leaves your skin super soft aswell. If you want a bath fit for a mermaid or fairy this is it haha! 

Now I couldn’t go into Lush in winter and not pick up the sickly sweet…pear drop smelling… but oh so heavenly Snow Fairy Shower Gel £7.95 (250ml) now this always goes quickly in our house. Someone… I’m looking at you oh dear fiancé always comes down stairs smelling like a fairy… stealing my shower gel. You could probably get a tooth ache from how sweet this is but it’s Christmas and I adore it! Always have to get another to use sparingly throughout the rest of the year until next winter! 
What else smells amazing this year that I should pick up? Let me know! 




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