A step in the right direction


I took break from blogging last week. Truth is I’ve just been so busy! But have no fear I’ve got some really fun things happening next week! Look out for that post! Today’s post is more of a serious one. 
To some this may seem simple – just deleting an app but to me this was a really hard decision. I have a secret and today I decided I needed to let go to the last of it. For years now I have been calorie obsessed I have counted every little thing I have put into my body and ripped myself apart with it. I would eat so few calories and still it was too much. I would wonder why I felt so lifeless all the time. I ruined my body and my health. It took until I got diagnosed ulcerative colitis to realise that my body actually needed calories and nutrients. It scared me more than what doctors had told me in the past. I weighed so little when i left hospital despite the fact I had gained weight whilst in there. Since then I’ve stuck to my vegetarianism as before but no longer fuss about what I eat. I ensure that I eat a healthy calorie count and no longer beat myself up about it. I no longer live with numbers constantly in my head. I don’t freak out over a slice of bread or the calories in a banana,  I now enjoy filling my body with nutritious food and love breakfast time! Loosing this devastating app was my final step to progress. I’m proud. I feel stronger, fitter and more with it. I’m happier now despite the odd setback. I still need to remind myself it’s ok sometimes and I need to eat to stay healthy but I’m a new person to who I once was. 

Sometimes something not great needs to happen to change your perspective on life. It needs to happen to make you realise what needs to be done. 




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