Two days in London. 

Last week me and my fiancé took the train down to London to go see a concert. We went early and stopped the night so we could do some sight seeing. Here’s what we got up to! 

The Natural History Museum

Believe it or not I had never been here before.  We arrived at the doors at around 11 and spent pretty much the whole day there it’s so huge! It’s gorgeous and as it was freezing outside the perfect place to wander around! I especially loved the Geology and Darwin Sections.  We left around 3 and grabbed lunch at Bills before heading to the hotel as doors for the concert opened at 6.

The Cure 

Grabbed multiple tubes and finally made it to Wembley. The Cure have been one of my favorite bands ever since I can remember. I grew up listening to them as a child with many thanks to my Auntie. And though she is no longer here I felt that she was at that gig with me. It was one of the longest gigs I’ve ever been to, they played a huge 31 songs and I danced so much I could barely feel my legs at the end. We were really close to the front and right in front of Robert Smith! He has been an idol to me for so many years, up there with David Bowie, people who make it awesome to just be yourself and write lyrics like gods. They played every song I wanted to hear live and made my year. A dream come true and a tick on my bucket list! 

The view from the hotel was pretty cool too! 

The next day…

Oxford Street, Leister Square and Covent Garden

Friday was the day of the Underground we decided to be tourists and visit our favorite shopping spots. We went to the new Lego shop in Leister Square (too busy to even breath) fiancé brought way too much big child haha! We went to Oxford Street so I could visit the biggest lush store ever. Also incredibly busy but I picked up a few things! 

Especially excited about the Bamboozled Lip Stain! 

After Covent Garden we were tired cranky and hungry. Having around and hour to kill before the train home we had a quick wander round Hyde Park. Which would have been lovely if I wasn’t so hangry.

We then dashed madly to Euston ate a unspectacular lunch and boarded the train home ready for work on Saturday! I was lovely but I now have a 9 day week to get through before my next rest! Ahh I’m tired! 

Speak soon




2 thoughts on “Two days in London. 

  1. London is the greatest place I’d ever been to! Going for the second time in July for my BFF’s birthday! Sooooooo jealous that you got to see The Cure! I love them!!!!


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