Guess who’s Back! 2017 Goals

I know I know I’ve been gone a long time. The Christmas period as a retail supervisor is long shifts and busy busy weeks. But it’s calmed down now! And I’m back! 

I know we’re nearly half way through January now but I still feel it’s important to document my goals for this year. If for nothing to reflect on I suppose. 

So let’s make this quick 

1. “Look after myself better; physically,mentally and emotionally”

This is the most important one. I want to improve my health get fitter, excercise more (to get stronger, not loose weight). Listen to how I’m feeling and know when it’s time to stop. With my ulcerative colitis there are times when I know I should take a rest but I don’t. This year I want to listen to my body and care for it properly.

2. “Drink more water”

This goes hand in hand with the first one.  I’m a tea addict so this could be quite hard! I’m never one for fizzy drinks but tea and coffee, I’m bad. So yes! Drink more water! 

3. “Do more Yoga!”

I love yoga! I always have yet it took a back seat last year, I only picked it back up the start of December. This year with the help of the queen of bendy, Cat Meffab. I’ve religiously been checking out her  YouTube and Blog (click the links! She’s a goddess!) I have been doing yoga every single day. She’s currently doing a month of yoga flows … Yoganuary – 1 video every day! I’ve been absolutely loving it. It helps me unwind at the end of the workday and the flexibility I previously had is coming back quickly. Her videos are for begginers and advanced alike. 

4. “Continue my transition to vegan”

This is another important one to me. My journey from vegetarian to vegan so far has taken about a year to get where I am now. I have to take it slow due to my Colitis so I don’t end back up at stage one in hospital. Currently all I really have left to stop is eggs and the odd slice of cheese. Coming almost completely off dairy really is one of the best things I’ve ever done not only for my physical health but appearance! My skin has never looked better. I understand not everyone agrees with vegainism and that is perfectly fine to me. Any negative comments will be ignored- It’s my choice after all 💕

5. “Save money”

This is self explanatory but I also want to not kick myself if I don’t save the desired amount. Sometimes some months are more expensive than others so If I spend a little more than I wish one month. I don’t want to kick myself. As long as I save something, it’s good. 

6. “Blog more” 

Another self explanatory one but one I’m really excited for. I love blogging and really enjoy it when it gets in full swing! I can’t wait to get back to writing and venting on here! 

See you Saturday with a new post! 




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