My Self Love Journey & One Incredible Journal

This year I made the goal of self love. I wanted to look after my health more, treat myself more kindly. Take care of my feelings. This is something that isn’t easy for me. 

I have a pretty defective body, one that I feel let’s me down. I see myself as quite a spritely person, someone who would love to have energy. My body on the other hand is a fairly sickly one. At 16 I was diagnosed with a number of heart issues, both of which will need fixing at some point in my life through open heart surgery. Last year in may I went through probably the darkest time of my life, I spend two weeks in hospital after nearly dying with then undiagnosed Ulcerative Colitis, I was anemic,dehydrated, severely malnourished, had a heart rate of 190 . Since then I feel my body has really changed. I’m sick a lot more, often feel unwell, struggle with low energy and feel so much more fragile than I ever have before. 

This is why I didn’t treat my body great – I was and at times, still am mad at it. And even now as I write this on my much better lifestyle. Healthier food, daily exercise, drinking more water a day. I still end up in the doctors with the side effects of chronic Illness. This week, inflamed and collapsing veins. Woo! 

I stumbled upon a Instagram a good month ago. The name I stumbled upon was Kelly Terranova @love.yourself.lean (please click!). Kelly documented her story about hitting rock bottom seeing her mother struggle with Huntington’s Disease and learning that she too had a 50% chance of inheriting it too. She speaks about her journey to self love and how we should all love and nourish ourselves. Her story resonated with me, why should I not look after my body? Even though it is a sickly one, it still gets up and fights for me every day? It still loves me, why shouldn’t I love it? 

To help with my self love journey I picked up a copy of her Love Yourself Lean Journal. A 365 page a day journal to document gratitude, love and health. It focuses on our personal spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health.

The journal is beautiful and really well made. With study pages and beautiful gold embellishment. This journal has hashtags on Instagram so you can speak to other people with this book, send words of encouragement and kindness. It’s a family around the world of caring people. You are not alone in your journey ever! 

Here’s some pictures – I’ve already started colouring mine in!

I also love how Kelly is also always there, liking your photos, updating her page with thanks and encouragement for us. She’s now also doing live chats on Facebook which I find wonderful and so very helpful. 

I feel as though this journal has really helped me to stay humbled and grateful towards myself and my body. Even when my body has its broken days. I really hope you take a look at Kelly’s page and maybe even purchase a journal for yourself. It was the best thing I’ve done this year.

I just want to Thank you – Kelly, for having this journal available, you have no idea how much of a help it is! 

Guys please check her out! Go to her website here!

Speak soon,



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