Brand Appreciation – Bare Minerals

It’s A few weeks ago at work I noticed just how beautiful my friends skin looked and told her so. It was natural and flawless. She quickly told me her new found secret. Bare Minerals Originial Powder Foundation.

Bare Minerals says:


I have a love of base makeup and this was enough to spike my interest so I wandered down to my local counter and asked the lady there to help me in finding a colour. The lady I spoke to was wonderful, kind and very helpful. Asking me if I had used bare minerals before and what sort of finish I was looking for and my skin type – which as of current is normal combination. She swatched multiple shades before helping me choose one that matched then went into detail about how to use the products. She told me that I had beautiful skin and that I should only use a little to hide what I wanted to and then let my natural skin shine through. Anyone who knows me knows how much effort I have put into my skincare, this comment made me feel really confident. I walked away with the Original Powder Foundation in the shade Fairly Light and the Full Flawless Face Brush. I must add this Foundation does need a primer I already have the Prime Time Brightening Primer, of which I have already reveiwed; here. I must add it works perfectly with this foundation. 

I have been using them since and love the finish they give me. Before I thought that powder foundation meant dry, cakey and chalky looking. How wrong I was… it’s dewy, light and virtually undetectable yet covers imperfections so quickly. It’s buildable, again without that “I shovelled this on look” I love that they’re natural, animal testing free and don’t cause acne to worsen. 

I have also purchased two Powder Blushes (Beauty & Vintage Peach) SPF Corrective concealer in Light 2 , Warmth Bronzer and a The Mineral Veil Setting Powder in the makeup line since – sorry bank account! And so far I love all of them, a little really does go a long way and I feel as though they will last a really long time. All of this really makes me feel as though they are a new holy grail in my makeup, hence why I feel they deserve this post! 

I also wanted to ask if any of you guys have tried their skincare? I haven’t seen much about there skincare and wanted to know if it’s good. 

I’ve picked up to try their Mix. Exfoliate.Smooth ( A powder that you add to your cleansers to exfoliate) as they instantly drew my attention as I haven’t used anything like it before. I can’t wait to review those for you! 

I really hope you have a mooch around their website, maybe go to a counter and try it if you had the same view of their products as me before I tried! Cakey I can assure you not! 



Current Beauty,Skincare and Lifestyle Favourites 

Hello Lovelies!

I haven’t posted many of my Favorites recently on the blog so I thought I would share a few today. There’s quite a mix going on at the moment so I’ve split them into categories. Let’s go! 


Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallette £39.00: I missed this the first time round when it was limited edition and was absolutely gutted. I brought it the day it was released the second time round and was so excited when I saw it waiting on my door step. The colours are beautiful the packaging super cute – it smells amazing and despite it being mostly shimmer, I’m still in love with it! Only downside is the lack of actual peach colours and the fact it doesn’t come with a brush, something I like for travel. 

Bare Minerals Products: I’m going to do a brand appreciation on these guys after my recent discovery. I think I’ve found a holy grail and converted for life. It’s natural, flawless and perfect. Vague I know but look out next week for a in depth review of all things bare minerals! 


Banila Co Miss Flower, Mr Honey Cream £47.90: Another skin saviour from Korea this thick gel cream is a lifesaver for super dry, damaged winter skin.  Smells gorgeous (of honey of course), leaves the skin with a velvety feel and hydrates like nothing else I’ve ever tried. It’s incredibly rich, I can only use it at night and this may be offputting for some. I reccomend purchasing a sample before buying the whole jar as this is a product that is a saviour for some and a breakout nightmare for others. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in Rose and Lavender £15.50:I also need to do a brand appreciation for these guys! I’ve used them so much offer the last few months. This is a lot milder in scent than the original and for that reason I love it more. This is the perfect makeup remover to help you unwind at nighttime, it removes my everyday makeup perfectly. Though if I was wearing a fair bit of makeup (say a night out)  I would have to use an eye makeup remover first. Then finish with this beauty. Every bit as lovely as the original but gentler in scent, animal testing free a definate must try if you haven’t. 

Sunday Riley’s Skincare: Its no secret that I love her products, I’ve posted a hundred times before. I’ve recently added to my stash. The products are a splurge but due to the almost instant effects they have I feel that it is definitely worth investing in. My skin is honestly the best it has ever been and I think a large part of that is because of some of these products. In particular Luna £85.I feel like I’m really treating my skin when I use these. 


Hygge: the danish art of happiness £9.09: This little book was a spontaneous purchase and I can’t wait to read. Filled with beautiful pictures and tips and tricks I can’t wait to learn how I can add this extra little bit of happiness into my daily life! 

Waterbottle £9.99: As mentioned previously in my 2017 goals I want to drink more water day to day. This is basically a knock off Swell waterbottle but a third of the price. It holds 500ml, keeps water cold and looks pretty. Not much else to say but I’ve been using it daily!

Neals Yard Esta Aroma Diffuser £50 and Oil Blends: This was my favourite Christmas present I received this year. I love the calming and relaxing scent of essential oils and this just makes them even more wonderful. This machine turns water and essential oils into a beautiful scented cold steam. This can be left diffusing even whilst you sleep and it just cuts off after the water is gone. I love putting this on during home yoga sessions and after stressful days just to help me destress and relax. You literally use 3 drops of oil and the scent fills multiple rooms. Beautiful! My favorite Blend at the moment is Womens Balance £9.70.A reccomendation if you love to unwind! 

There we go! What are your current Favorites? Look out for another post next week!



Sunday Riley’s Luna

In the skincare industry there are certain names and brands that stand out. The ones that are talked about as skin saviours, the ones in every fashion magazine. Sunday Riley is one of them. 
I’m a huge skincare fan, and ummed and arred about purchasing two products from hers for a long time and decided to take the plunge around 3 months ago now. I chose Luna Sleeping Oil £85 and daily oil Juno hydroactive cellular facial oil £70.

Though the latter is a nice oil and helps keep my skin hydrated and glowy throughout the day Luna is the one that changed my skin not better, but the best it’s ever been since my early teens thus the one I’m going to talk about. 

Now this product seems to be a miracle worker or a acne nightmare for some. My skincare being product plenty and working wonders for a long time now I thought that I would be able to monitor its effects and deduce that if I broke out, it would be because of the newly added product. I can safely say that this had negative effect on my skin at all.  

I use 4-6 drops of around 4 times a week. After cleansing and toning allowing my face to fully dry before applying. I tend to keep my skincare a little simpler on these days to get the full effect. A little goes a long way and it will last a fair while. Now on to the product. 

The product description says: 

“A next-generation retinoid oil to reduce pore size, improve appearance of damaged skin and help fight wrinkles. 

With an advance retinol complex, Luna helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while simultaneously correcting damage caused by the sun, time, and pollution. Use this oil before bed to notice firmer, clearer skin by morning. Trans-retinol ester fights the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity while an essential oil complex calms and soothes skin. Cold pressed avocado, chia, and Concord grape seed oils sink into skin for quick absorption of actives while boosting radiance.”

This royal blue Oil minimised my pores from night one. My pores now months down the line are so much smaller, my skin texture the smoothest it’s ever been and improving by the day. Little scars from previous acne are fading and filling back out. 3 months down the line my skin looks plumper and no longer wakes up with pillow lines. Though I have no real wrinkles yet being young, my natural expression lines are less prominent. Any breakouts I have heal in half the time.

Retinoids can cause dryness and peeling in skin, this is part of their natural process, after a short while the peeling stops. Just continue with you AHA or BHA exfoliators, depending on skin type and moisturise well. I personally very little peeling, this may be due to my skin not being as sensitive to the product as others. I am glad for this. If you experience minor peeling, keep going don’t stop. It’s very much like a purging process, removing dry and damaged skin. 

Though I adore this product there are a few minor things I dislike about the product. The first and most important being the use of blue dye in the product. Though it doesn’t stain the skin, I feel its unnessasary and could be the reason some peoples skin break out. It’s purely to make it look pretty reinforce the blue tansy in the product? I also hate the smell, its quite a strong smell, very much a spa scent, I can live with it but I’m not keen haha! The same with Juno, in fact I probably dislike Juno’s scent even more. 

If you can afford the fairly pricey price tag, from my experience I couldn’t recommend it enough. I really do think that this product has changed my skin for the absolute better. I’ve had products that I’ve had effects on scaring and pores before, but nothing like this. A must try! A definite repurchase. 


October Favorites

It’s that monthly favourites time again… October! Can you believe we’re only 2 months away from Christmas! 
I’ve really been loving these items this month. So let’s get onto it. 

1. Moroccan Oil £13.45 – Since being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, my hair has really took a beating. Because my body doesn’t absorb nutrient like it should my hair and skin have became weaker. My hair is more brittle and thinner. I really find that this helps nourish my hair. I use it after washing my hair and apply whilst wet, from root to tip. It smells amazing and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. A little early to tell if it’s making a huge difference to my hair but I’m enjoying it.

2. Sunday Riley’s Luna £85 – I’ve been using this now for around 2 months now and I can honestly say that it has made a significant difference to my skin. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but I really do feel I’ve found my holy grail! I’m going to do a more in depth post on this but my gosh is it wonderful. Pores are barely visible, scarring is fading, spots heal in a third of the time. My skin has never been better. From my experience I couldn’t recommend this enough! 
3. Tisserand Aromatherapy Roller Ball in Sweet Dreams £5.95  – This has been in my favorites multiple times. This essential oil roller ball is lavender scented and really helps destress and help you drift off to sleep. I just put this on my pressure points before bed, I love the smell and do think it helps me get to sleep. 

4. Rosie For Autograph Eyeshadow Stick in Feline Fox £12.50 – I  used this in my Winter Makeup Look, and have been using this since almost daily. Super creamy and long lasting in the most gorgeous copper brown colour I adore it. It’s so quick and easy to use and fantastic quality like all of the products in her line. Well worth a look.

5. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Ivory £29.50This again is a wonderful quick and easy product. I love the way it looks on my skin and it lasts a day at work perfectly. It’s a cult product and you can see why. The shade range is something every brand should aspire to, you can almost guarantee that there’s a shade for you. It’s a natural finish and extremely buildable. Beautiful! 

6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask £16.99 – I have the driest lips in history. Nothing works on them 100% but this is the closest to perfection I’ve found. Meant to be used at night ( I use it both day and night) this super thick lip mask really helps lock in moisture. It also smells amazing, like berries. One of the most used Korean brands worldwide. I’ve not found a product of theirs I don’t like. If you suffer with dry lips and nothing works, just try this.

7. Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic £12.49 – looking through this book brought back so many memories and at times made me laugh out loud. This book visits the iconic beauty products of new and old, the super expensive to the super cheap. Sali has a great way of writing, she is concise and to the point but also incredibly funny. A great coffee table book and gift for all those beauty lovers in the world. Everyone would love it.

8. Pixiwoo Face £10.00 – I picked this book up the other day whilst shopping. You can’t have watched beauty videos on YouTube without seeing these guys. This book is visually stunning the makeup in it gorgeous and the facts and advice perfect for beginners and young teens. You can hear there voices in the writing which is lovely. You know who’s talking through the writing which is strange but great. I’m not gonna lie though, I brought it mainly because of the photographs. Beautiful! 

What was your holy grail find of last month?

See you soon



Winter Makeup Look

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I’d do a little tutorial on how I achieved this super easy bronzey gold eye look. Without further ado! Let’s do it! 


Apologies for the smudgey mirror! Ive gotta a clean that now I’ve saw it! For base I applied the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in 075 Ivory. This is a new discovery and it is absolutely gorgeous. You only need a tiny bit and the finish is flawless. Look out for a review post on this. I blended with a brush then concealed both undereyes and redness with Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer. Next I filled in and set my eyebrows with Benefit Goof Proof and Rimmel Brow This Way in Clear. I brushed my brows upwards slightly for a fuller look. 

I contoured slightly with Benefits Hoola under cheekbones, jaw and temples and used Barry M’s Strobe Cream in Iced Bronze on nose, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. 


This was super easy! First I smudged Rosie For Autograph Eyeshadow Stick in Feline Fox all over and just above the lid. I then blended it out, added MAC Don’t Tell from the Amber Times Nine Palette  all over and blended again.  For some reason I’m really squinting in these pictures which makes me look like I have a lazy eye haha! I haven’t I swear! I then just finished them with Barry M’s Thats How I Roll Mascara which I love. Vwallah! 

Cheeks and Lips:

For blush I used Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Lace 367 and used the middle colour Guipure – a straight up dupe for Nars Orgasm. 

Lips I did two ideas. The first was Rosie For Autograph Lipstick in Rose Lace. The second I ombréd it with Revlon Colourstay in Parisian Passion.

And there we go! I hope you enjoyed! See you in the next one! 



Little Halloween/Christmas Lush Haul

Hello Lovelies,

The other day me and my fiancé took a trip into Birmingham to do some shopping. Now it’s that time of year where lush bring out the best of the best. I had no choice. I had to go in. 

There’s a fair few new items this year which is exciting. At Christmas my main focus is the bubble bars and bath bombs.  Again I was sad to see that the Christmas hedgehog isn’t back ( I loved that little guy) The shop was pretty busy and we were in a hurry to get back so I grabbed some old favorites and the ones that caught my eye… and nose.

The first one that caught my eye was Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb £3.75, this is a flat floating bath bomb which is layered with red, yellow and green layers. Lush claims that this has a grassy sort of scent. Whilst it smells fresh I wouldn’t describe it as grassy. I would probably go citrusy. 

Next I picked up Pumpkin Bath Bomb £3.95, this is what heaven must smell like. Similar to Cinders Bath Bomb last year it is mostly cinnamon based however has an orangey scent to it too. It’s sweet and spicy, adsactly what I think of when it comes to autumn and winter. I can’t wait to use this one! 

The one that most caught my attention whilst in the shop was  Never Mind The Ballistics £4.25, a huge fan of the Sex Pistols I got excited at the name and look of this one. I also saw this one in action in the shop. It looks (once in the tub) and smells exactly like Fanta orange or those swizzles sweets you had as a kid. I also love the fact that this one has a cocoa butter shell on top. Although if it’s anything like Lava Lamp it’s a bath stainer! One of the more pricey bombs. 

This one is my absolute favourite Bath Bomb that lush makes. I had to pick up three! Its the So White Bath Bomb £3.75, it’s had a bit of a revamp this year with a little green leaf on it. This smells like freshly cut apples and it’s so good I could eat it. I currently have one on my bedside table so I can smell it every time I go into the bedroom. It’s probably one of the most delicately scentled Bath bombs they make. A favorite of my mums also! It used to be pale pink on the inside. I’m hoping it’s still the same! 

Not a seasonal product but one I pick up every time I go in is the Twilight Bath Bomb £3.75, makes me sleep every time and a beautiful relaxer. Lavender and Tonka oils help unwind and destress. My favourite after So White. So glad this is a permenant product!

My fiancés favorite,  the one I fork out for him everytime and never get to enjoy haha! It’s Golden Wonder £4.25, probably the brightest, most glittery, star filled Bath Bomb of all time. Citrusy in scent and absolutely enormous. This one leaves your skin super soft aswell. If you want a bath fit for a mermaid or fairy this is it haha! 

Now I couldn’t go into Lush in winter and not pick up the sickly sweet…pear drop smelling… but oh so heavenly Snow Fairy Shower Gel £7.95 (250ml) now this always goes quickly in our house. Someone… I’m looking at you oh dear fiancé always comes down stairs smelling like a fairy… stealing my shower gel. You could probably get a tooth ache from how sweet this is but it’s Christmas and I adore it! Always have to get another to use sparingly throughout the rest of the year until next winter! 
What else smells amazing this year that I should pick up? Let me know! 



Rosie for Autograph – First Impressions

Apologies for being away last week, I felt really poorly and couldn’t get out of bed. I’m back now though! 
She’s one of the worlds most beautiful women, but she’s also so much more. Model, actress & charity ambassador Rosie Huntington Whitely released her makeup line in colabortation with Marks & Spencer’s Early this year.

 Her line, aimed at natural and effortless and affordable beauty for every woman has been praised a lot. I’ve been meaning to pick a few items up for a while and with the current offer of a free Rosie perfume with £30 purchase of products, I decided it was too good to miss.

First things first. The packaging. It’s rose gold and luxe feeling. The lipsticks have a magnetic clasp. They feel weighty and look the part. Boxed nice too, with colour guides as to what product is what. 

Now on to the actual products.

This is the Quad pallet in Ballet Slipper. They are buttery soft and not dissimilar to the Clarins eye shadows. They are very pigmented with a sheen of shimmer- not chunky glitter a huge win. These are lovely. 

Next we have the eyeshadow sticks. Now these are probably my favourite out of everything I brought. They are so so soft and glide on effortlessly. They feel luxurious and they blend beautifully. Here we have Almond Eyes (a champagne/pale gold) and Feline Fox (a deep slightly reddish chocolate brown) I’m going back for the rest of these! Try them! High end without the price tag. 

The Lipstick that I chose was Rose Lace. This colour is based on Rosie’s actual lip colour. The formula feels very creamy and hydrating. Something that may be off putting to some now due to the matte trend. I however love this colour. It’s a very “Breakfast at Tiffanys” pink.

The Perfume I chose as my free item was the Orginal Scent. It’s very floral… obviously but dies down to a musky scent with base tones of sandalwood and vanilla. It’s perhaps not what I’d usually choose. I’m very particular with scents but it’s perfect for an everyday fragrance. 

I really do think that this is a beautiful collection everyone should try out. It’s very high quality without the major price tag, it’s mid range price. Beautiful colours that would match most skin tones. Rosie really has done a great job! 

You can find her range in stores or online here. I really do reccomend you try them out!