The 10 Step Skincare Routine That WILL Transform Your Skin

I’m so proud of how my skin is now, I’m posting photos! No makeup! 

It may seem daunting or even ridiculous at first, but a Korean inspired 10 step skincare regime will change your skin for the better.

Once broken down you quickly come to realise that it doesn’t take hours like you expect and it you don’t have to complete 10 steps everyday. It takes me around 15 minuets if I rush it, but it’s 15 minuets that will improve not only your skin but your confidence.In Korea, the skincare mantra is almost religious, As a child you are taught to look after and protect your skin. Beautiful skin is everywhere, both on men and women. In our western culture makeup makes you beautiful. It hides the imperfections we have, we can ignore them behind the cosmetics. In Korea skincare comes first. Base makeup is sheer, highlighting beautiful skin.
I got sucked into Korean skincare after becoming fed up of my awful skin a year ago. I was deeply unhappy with my dry, spotty and dull skin. I wanted to improve it – treat it better and prevent premature ageing. After looking into the 10 step system I felt it was well worth a go. A year down the line my skin has never been better and I can honestly say it’s down to this. Today I’m going to teach you the 10 step routine. I’m going to teach you how to save your skin. 

Before we start I must state that you don’t need Korean products to do this, nor do you need to start with the 10 all at once. It’s better to slowly add an extra step then scare your skin into a breakout by applying new products all at once. Korean products however are often far more affordable and way more advanced than our western ones with better concentrations of good ingredients. You obviously need t  watch what your eating and drink a lot of water. Look after yourself you know? I purchase a lot of my Korean skincare off of Sokoglam . Cofounder of Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho also has a fabulous book called “The Little Book Of Skincare”  available here. This goes into greater details about the system and beneficial ingredients for all skin types. Now! Onto the system.

1. The makeup removal – Oil Cleanse

This step is aimed at removing all makeup from the skin in preparation for the rest of the steps. In this step I use an oil cleanser such as the Innisfree Juicy Apple Oil cleanser or The Body Shop Camomile oil Cleanser. After massaging into skin and washing off I use a q tip and eye makeup remover to get rid of stubborn mascara. Balm like oil cleansers can also be used such as the Banila Co Sherbert Cleansers or Clinique take the day off Balm.

2. Water based Cleanser 

After that initial cleanse I then use a normal face wash such as Neogen real Fresh cleanser in cranberry. Use whatever you are currently liking. This is going remove leftover oil, and hidden makeup and help was the impurities from your skin. The double cleanse will make a significant improvement to your skin if you haven’t done it before. Your skin will thank you! 

3. Exfoliate (1-2 times a week) 

Once or twice a week I will exfoliate my skin, this gets rid of dead skin cells and allow your skin to better absorb the skincare ingredients we are applying. You can go for any type of exfoliation you like. For sensitive skins, chemical exfoliators are great as there are no sharp gritty scrubby bits to irritate your skin. My favourite chemical exfoliators are the Neogen Peeling pads (see here) these come in a number of scents each benefitting a different skin type. These are single use pads you simply wipe over skin and wash off. They contain a BHA acid which helps remove dead skin cells and improve troubled acne prone skin the proof is on the pad after using them! A favourite physical exfoliator of mine is the super affordable Skinfood Black Sugar Exfoliating mask you can tailor the granules to you skin creating gentler or harsher scrub. 

4. Toner

Often forgotten, a toner is a vital step. This resets you skins PH level back to a healthy one. Often whilst cleansing we strip our skin of its natural balance, by toning our skin it takes our skin back to normal levels of 5-6 . Ever felt tight after cleansing or left your skin noticeably dry? That’s because it’s levels have been altered by the cleanser. Adding a toner will stop this happening! Simple but important! I’m currently using the Skin Watchers Fresh Flower Toner. This one has the perfect PH level ,asking my skin happy! 

5. Essence

This step isn’t used often in western skincare however it is in the rise. The body shop now carries essences and I’m currently using their vitamin E one! Skinfood also do a number of essences such as the Premium Lettuce and Cucumber essence  which is also in my kit and I love it. An essence basically a extra hint of moisture, with added skincare benefits such as vitamins or minerals. This also makes the serums you apply next more powerful and effective. 

6. Serums, Ampoules and Treatments.

This step is really where the tailoring is made. You can treat all your issues here.

 Is your skin dull? Use a brightening serum such as The Bodyshop Drops of Light Serum

Is your skin dehydrated? How about using a hyaluronic acid ampoule such as the one by The Saem

Sun damaged? How about a vitamin C such as this one by Klairs ( if using a vitamin C serum, skip the Essence Step. It’s more effective on its own) 

Acne Prone? Try the Cosrx BHA Power liquid– my holy grail. 

Want to stop premature ageing or improve wrinkles? Why not try the much raved about Missha Time Revolution Night Ampoule

With ampoules and serums, layering makes them less effective, it is better to apply the serums to the affected areas. This means you can use multiple without diminishing effectiveness. 

7. Sheet masks! The best part! ( as many times a week as you like! Me? Twice a week) 

Sheet masks are HUGE in Korea and it’s slowly creeping into western skincare too! These are super affordable and highly effective. They are coated in super concentrated skincare ingredients. These again are to be tailored to your skins needs. Leave these on for around 20 minuets and upon removing you will be greeted with greatly improved skin! I collect sheet masks, I can’t help it, they are great!  My favourite being the Skin Food Tea hydrogel masks. My skin feels calm, plump and noticeably brighter. Try them! You won’t go back! 

8. Nearly finished! Eye cream!

Use whatever you are currently using, I use Lush Cosmetics Enchanting Eye cream During the day and Missha Cho bo yang at night. This skin is super delicate! Look after it to prevent wrinkles! 

9. Moisturise

Use whatever you currently like or are using. This locks in all the hard work you’ve just done! I’m currently using Lush Cosmetics Celestial, it’s my favourite. At night I use Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. Once or twice a week I will use a sleeping pack. These are super hydrating mask that you wash off in the morning. My favourite being Laneige Water Sleeping Pack… a sleeping pack is optional but amazing for debydrated skins and winter time.

10. SPF

Yes, I know it’s boring, but if your not applying it on a daily basis their is no point putting all the time into your skin. It is the most harmful and damaging to you skin. Not using it is putting you at risk of cancer and is ageing you constantly. See those dark spots on your cheeks? That’s the sun! Can’t see sun spots on your skin but don’t use sunscreen? Wait a few years, they WILL appear. Just use SPF it is prevention, safety and cure! It’s not too late to improve and look after your skin. Just make sure it’s sooner rather than later. The minimum factor I use is an SPF of 35. My two favourites being the Innisfree Free Eco Safety and Neogen Day Light Protection
Wow! I know this was long, I hope it helped inform you and enticed you to give it a go. You skin a month from now after beginning this system will be so much better. Just remember it gets worse (the purge) before it gets better – better than ever! 

I haven’t been paid or anything atall to do this post, it just really helped me better my skin and I hope it helps yours too. 
If you are interested really look into getting Charlottes book.  It is a beginners bible and will help you on your Korean skincare journey!  For more info check out my other post I mentioned it in, here! ( I’ve put pictures of it in this one) 

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions, I would love to help you guys understand anything your not sure about! 

Happy skin! 



July Favorites 

Hello lovelies! 

It’s that time again! Didn’t July fly past! This month had a lot of rediscovering old favorites along with a few new. So without further a do lets get on with it! 

1 – Sheet Masks

Out of all the things I enjoyed this month, sheet masks have been my favorites. Instant skin pick me ups, powerful serums and ranging in affordability. All of these masks are Korean – they do skincare best and range in price from about £2 to £6. I need to come clean and say I may have a mask addiction… Ive around 50 various masks now! I’ve purchased these from numerous places most often, Amazon, eBay and

2 & 3 – Nars Sheer Glow and The Bodyshop Lip & Cheek Stains

I’ve had a on off relationship with Nars Sheer Glow, I use it for months, forget about it, find it and love it again. I’m in the shade Mont Blanc at the moment and I’m loving it. Just enough coverage, natural finish, long lasting! Only downside, no SPF. 

As for The Body Shop Tints I’ve mentioned these before. They are just so versatile and portable, the shade range is amazing and for £8 I adore them. When I say these things last, they last. Pink Hibiscus has to be my fave. 

4 – Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Lace

This Sleek Blush Compact was super cheap at just under £10, however the products themselves are lovely and suprisingly big! I would easily compare these to MAC blushes – with the added bonus  of being cruelty free. Though very bright in the pan these are actually very soft but buildable, a little goes a long way. The middle shade “Guipure” has been said to be a dupe for Nars “Orgasm”, which I can confirm is very much alike.  In fact the whole range of these blushes are gorgeous and i will be purchasing more. 

5. Neogen Wine Bio Peel Pads

Another Korean brand however if you live in the states you might have seen these in Sephora. These are chemical peel pads, so not great for those with really sensitive skin. They are AHA Acid exfoliator which help Slough off dead skin and impurities. I love these and do find them to be gentle yet effective plus they smell great and are cruelty free. I really have seen a difference when I use these, my skin is smoother, softer appearing in texture and overall more glowy.  I purchased mine off of Soko Glam (they ship to UK) here, follow the link for more information on the product if your interested. 

6 & 7 – Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball and a sweet find! 

This little roller ball oil blend smells like heaven to me (lavender) and really does help me to unwind and drift off to sleep. I’ve posted about these aromatherapy oils before and I really do love them a lot. This one came in a survival set of 3. And since purchasing months ago I never leave the house without one of them. If you suffer with anxiety I really cannot recommend aromatherapy enough. 

And finally! I finally got one of the Peter Rabbit 50p’s! I’ve been wanting one since they came into circulation. Beatrix Potter was such a big part of my childhood. This coin is a little bartered but I still smiled when I got it haha! 

What did you love last month? I can’t wait to hear from you! Have a lovely day.